Word ProcessingWord Processing / Word Formatting basically comprises of all the procedures required to create and edit documents necessary for your company and In today’s world, it is extremely important to focus on your business to ensure that you progress towards your goal at a fast pace. With competition inching closer with each passing day, it is impossible to allow daily tasks like formatting documents and processing them to distract you from your primary vision.

At DataPlusValue, we provide you with professional word processing and word formatting solutions to help manage all your documents efficiently. All the services that we provide can be completely customized to meet your requirements and blend into your work pattern. You will also be able to receive your files in the preferred format of use. This way, not only do you have a service provider to bank upon, you will also have the advantage of convenience at your disposal. Having these facilities will help you focus on more important aspects of business administration such as innovation and growth instead of wasting your time on mundane activities.

DataPlusValue service suppliers hold sufficient resources to commence your tasks promptly. Our service suppliers make certain that they deliver you with the precise, adaptable and dependable word processing answers with perfect protection along with their un-permissive privacy policy executions. Hence, as an effect of outsourcing your word processing task to us, you'll be able to form your business operate in a refresh full due to the reality of pumping further capital right away into the profit making regions.

Our team consists of efficient professionals who are highly skilled in their respective areas of work. You can rely upon our services for accurate documentation and formatting.

Steps Involved in Word Processing/Formatting Process at DataPlusValue

All services provided by us are aimed at helping you reduce the time spent of easy yet tedious and mundane process so that you can convert your business into a profit generating entity.

While working on the Word Conversion/Formatting task, we always take care of the following points:-

  • Constant Page Setup for entire pages of the MS-Word Document
  • Same Font and Size for headings
  • We do apply the bullet setting through the MS-Word Option instead of Manual Numbering or Bulleting
  • We have skilled staff who are capable to Apply/Modify or Create the template file of MS-Word which can hold many headings with User define setting like the CSS in HTML
  • We prepare the dynamic Table of Content and Index with the Page Number, so in that case, you don't need to create table of content manually every time when you do some modification in headings or add on some content in the document. Table of Content or Index get automatically updated.
  • Spacing is the most important part in word formatting, We always take care that the spacing between the Paragraph, Headings and Bullet Points should be constant.
Our Offering: A Range of our specialized word processing/formatting services

At DataPlusValue, we not only provide you with the best services in Word processing but also provide you with a range of services that you can utilize for your business.

  • Data Categorization: It is common to find data available after interaction with various clients piling up in most organizations. This data might become inaccessible over a period of time and consequently, difficult to retrieve. To prevent such hassles, we categorize your data based on the clientele, the date modified, the importance of the data and other specific categories. Organizing data makes it easier for you to make references when required. The categories can also be made as per the instructions of our client in order to simplify the process of data management as per their convenience.
  • Scanning: Scanning documents in their analogue form and converting them into an editable digital format is always a tedious and cost intrusive process. We provide you with scanning services that are faster and more cost effective. After scanning necessary documents, the electronic format is shared with the client using File Transfer Protocol, CD Roms, e-mails and other medium. We provide services like document scanning, microfilm scanning, Book Scanning, PDF scanning and even Invoice scanning. We can also transfer this information into an indexed database and verify it for accuracy. Additionally, we can also categorize all the information to match your convenience.
  • Data Extraction: Data Extraction refers to compiling information from various sources available and formatting them into material that can be used in the future. Utilizing information available on various business aspects help you make the right decision. We help you retrieve all the necessary information, analyze this data and format for you in a short span of time. With us, you have the advantage of getting data that is accurate and error free.
  • Typing and Transcription: At DataPlusValue, we compose and type documents, letters, resumes, research papers, manuals and booklets. We also mail merge these documents and letters for your convenience. We also provide transcription services which mean that you can get your transcripts in formats of your choice. All documents that are formatted by us are put through quality and accuracy tests to ensure that the data available is reliable. We provide services such as medical transcription, video transcription, financial transcription, educational transcription, audio transcription, business transcription, audio transcription and legal transcription.
  • Editing: With word processing services, a major concern is the accuracy of the content available. It is important to ensure that all the data that you have is error free. We provide services like proofreading and grammar check, to make sure that all your letters and documents are drafted to perfection. After all, when you are dealing with clients on a global platform, minor errors can cause unnecessary doubt on the quality of work that your company is capable of providing.
  • Data Conversion: Data Conversion basically refers to the conversion of organized or unorganized data into formats that are convenient for you to use. This process also involves the removal of unnecessary data so that you only have all the relevant information in an easy and portable form. We convert e-books into word format or PDFs. We also convert hard copies of books into PDFs and word documents for you. The most common conversions that are required are conversions of regular books to e-books, conversion of data into HTML and XML formats, conversion of PDF files into word formats and also vice versa.
  • Data Cleansing: Having database is the essence of any form of business. It is important that you have access to your clientele and also to potential clients at all times. However, in the effort to create a large database, companies often amass a lot of unwanted information. We help you discard this information and also organize your information into structured formats so that it is easy to access and easy to review. We modify, delete, format and correct all the information that you have collected. This way, the potency of your database increases, giving all your marketing and sales efforts a more concise direction. When you target the right clients for your business, returns are better.
  • Index Preparation: Having a digital format of all your documents can work greatly to your advantage. It reduces the space used by documents and booklets. In addition to that, you can also access your information more easily. At DataPlusValue, we help you digitize all your documents along with services such as archiving and indexing data. With these services, you will be able to organize scattered information available from various clients into one convenient indexed database. With this type of indexed data, you will be able to search and retrieve necessary information without too much effort. We provide services such as Document Indexing, Meta Data Indexing, Legal Document Indexing, Keyword Indexing, Profile and text indexing and invoice indexing.
  • Why You Should Become Partner With DataPlusValue?

    We could be a reliable offshore business partner for you. Every project we receive undergoes high quality control procedures, so the final output you get is accurate. We offer you free sample work, just to win your trust from our quality work.

    The foremost benefit of outsourcing this service is time, money-saving and the following benefits:-

    • All services provided by us are completely cost effective and the best in terms of standards.
    • Because of our clientele across the globe, we are able to provide you with all the services necessary in today’s market.
    • Besides that, our experience in various fields will help us provide you with multiple options that vary in budget and other logistics. Based on these, you can make the right choice for your company.
    • We use software such as Lotus Word Pro, MSWord and Corel WordPerfect to ensure that all your data is stored perfectly in various forms such as booklets, menus, strategic cards, hard copy of any kind of books, index cards and manuals.
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