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Denial Management Services in Medical Billing
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Denial management is considered as one of the important elements to healthy cash flow as well as effective revenue cycle management. One of the main difficulties that are confronted by the healthcare providers as well as medical billing companies is that a big percentage of disallowed claims often goes unattended and is never submitted again.

DataPlusValue is completely devoted to reducing lost repayments as well as denials with an extremely effectual system as well as services that are specially designed to meet the requirement of clients. Our Denial management in Medical Billing process exposes as well as solves the issues that lead to denials and also reduces the accounts receivables cycle. The denial management team creates a tendency between an individual payer code as well as common denial reason codes.

This trend tracks often assists in disclosing billing, medical coding and registration process flaws that are amended in to decrease the future denials. This further helps in assuring first submission acceptance of claims.

Process of Denial Management Services

Appeals for Denied Claims that are denied and required to be fascinated, appeal letters are arranged as well as sent along with the supportive documents that also include Medical Records for processing. If the insurance allows telephonic or fax appeals then the same can also be controlled through those channels.

Perquisites of denial management in medical billing:-

  • The cash flow is maximized because the denial causes are recognized.
  • Through collecting & interpreting denial pattern, their root cause can acknowledged and pertinent solution can be rendered.

The process is mainly performed in two phases:-

Patient Follow-up

We, at DataPlusValue, completely have a distinct team of professionals who are involved in calling patients only. In order to attain the information regarding insurance, missing demographics as well as discuss the outstanding patient dues, calls are made to the patients.

Credit Balance Audits

When the process of collection repossession is done, an inspection of all the accounts is commenced in order to settle undisclosed and identical payments. The processes are set up in such a way that the payer, as well as patient overpayments, is returned or adjusted according to the policies of each and every client. Therefore, the refund requests are arranged and sent to the clients so that important refunds can be handled.

Each patients account is properly tracked as well as followed-up by our highly experienced staff until and unless the payment is received. Procedures are properly placed out that also involve sending notices, letters, statements as well as making phone calls in order to accelerate the collections. Please contact us for more details.