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Data entry is a crucial process for all businesses, which constantly requires accuracy & time management. Precise and accurate data entry assists organizations in decision making, but ever wondered how much time & cost it requires to manage and categorize data? Besides accounting thousands of dollars on data processing and staff management, running in-house data management distracts you from focusing core business values, eventually, your bottom line gets affected. Expenses don’t limit here, the cost of infrastructure and data entry process technology mount up to your accounts. Therefore, outsourcing data entry is the most preferred choice for leading organizations.

Here at DataPlusValue, we follow the latest technologies, and double keying methods to deliver time-efficient and cost-effective data entry services. We have expertise in collecting data from multiple sources like online documents, scanned images, emails, handwritten forms, online surveys, reviews, or you can provide us any sort of hardcopy, etc. We specialize in extracting data from printed as well as handwritten or online/electronic sources and provide first-rate data entry with 99.99% accuracy.

Steps Involved in Data Entry Process at DataPlusValue

Our data entry experts strive to ease the major challenges in data entry to help you focus on your business and align your business. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge in nearly all leading industries, our professional data entry staff work in close relationships with clients, which means you can communicate, collaborate and prioritize your projects as per your needs. With an aim to deliver our customers with the best data entry services, we use a unique approach that is formulated to meet all your needs.

Our data entry process includes:-


Scan & Upload

The data entry process starts with access to documents Virtual Private Network (VPN) or using the secure file transfer protocol (FTP). Hard copies of the document can also be sent in the form of a DVD via courier. Also, we allow our customers to scan & upload documents on to our FTP.


Requirement Gathering & Access Files

We assign your project to a dedicated project manager, who will review, gather information, and connect you in case of any additional information. We then enter the data online to the client relationship management (CRM) tool or in the template provided by the client.


Error Detection & Rectification

At this state of proofreading after keying the document in pre-agreed format, our experts gauge through the document to detect errors and duplicates. After rectification, the data then indexed and moved to a predetermined format.


Rigorous Quality Check

We believe in the first-time-right principle, therefore, all data entry projects undergo a rigorous quality test procedure to ensure accuracy and ethics of data entry.


Delivery & further Assistance

After the quality check, files are ready for client review and either uploaded via FTP or delivered via any other method at your convenience.

Our Offering: A Range of Our Specialized Data Entry Services

As a leading offshore data entry company, we offer comprehensive data services to a multifaceted global clientele. We merge years of experience with proven methodologies to deliver customized data entry services. With solely focus on managing data entry for all business verticals, here’s how we approach outsourcing your data entry.

We are not limited but expertise in the following outsources data entry services India:-

Online Data Entry

Online data entry refers to the compilation of data from online sources and compiling it in a format appropriate for online storage and accessibility. The data and information are converted into a digital format and compiled for use on computers.

Image Data Entry

It refers to the conversion of scanned images to a particular layout of your choice. We ensure both high-quality and cost-effective image data entry services. Our skilled team of image data entry experts can manage large volumes and deliver well within schedule.

Invoice Data Entry

Our experts enter the invoice details into an particular excel format, accounting system etc. with records of outgoing payments, the vendors that received those payments, and payment dates.

Offline Data Entry

It refers to the compilation of the information from forms, surveys, and responses by customers. We extract the information of data form files, papers, yellow pages, documents etc.

Product Data Entry

DataPlusValue performs online data entry, gathering the essential information, whether it's digital catalogs, hard copy files, brochures, or other websites. Product informations like title, description, size, color, product code etc. are added and edited, and existing product entries are updated.

Survey Data Entry

Survey Data Capture is the procedure of entering survey data into a spreadsheet or online database. We ensure both high-quality and cost-effective survey data entry services. Our skilled team of Survey data entry experts can manage large volumes and deliver well within schedule.

Data Capturing

Our skilled team provides reliable data entry from any type of format – printed or handwritten paperwork, online resources, PDFs or even scanned images into Excel or Direct Database, according to particular prerequisites.

Coupon Data Entry

We performs coupon data entry, gathering the important information with product and manufacturer details, etc. processing both structured and unstructured coupon data.

Real Estate Data Entry

Our experts enter the property details into an particular excel format or online portal with records of Property’s Description, Property Image, Property status, No. of Stories, Building Class, Building sq. ft., Lot Size, Ceiling Height, Type, Year built, Parking, Docks, Property’s Income, Rental Information etc.

Restaurant Menu Data Entry

DataPlusValue works on a wide variety of menu data entry assignments and performs menu data entry, gathering the details of restaurant and food menus such as opening and closing hours, dishes’s name , description, price, topping details, etc.

Why DataPlusValue is a Preferred Outsourcing Data Entry Partner?

With over 12+ years of industry expertise in outsourcing data entry services, DataPlusValue has the potential to work on large data entry projects without affecting the accuracy & speed. Today, thousands of outsourcing data entry companies are available on the internet, hence choosing the best data entry company in India with sufficient domain-expertise and resource strength is difficult.

Here are some key benefits of outsourcing data entry services, which help you in selecting us:-

  • 12+ years of industry-expertise in outsourcing data entry services.
  • DataPlusValue has an in-house team of professional data entry experts who can deliver multi-lingual data entry services in all terms.
  • Our professionals use double data entry systems to ensure zero errors and prevent any mislead.
  • Our dedicated teams ensure time-efficient outsourcing data entry services with 99% accuracy guaranteed.
  • Our data entry experts have mastery in handling all types & sizes of data entry, data processing and data conversion projects.
  • Super quality assurance process to improve accuracy and overall standard of our data entry services.
  • A dedicated project manager to ensure better strategy formulation, execution, and communication.

Our data entry professionals are capable of handling the other data-related services as well such as data mining, web research, data cleansing, data abstraction, etc. Please contact us to hire data entry experts from India at the best price possible.

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