Who we are

DataPlusValue is a fast evolving Business Operations Outsourcing and Data Processing company in India, offering high quality services in the verticals of Catalogue Processing, Data Capturing, Data Entry, Data Conversion, Cleansing and Mining along with BPO Services to a global client base. We offer customized solutions to our vast array of clients, bringing dedication, skills, and honesty to the desk, further allowing these to shape into excellent results, complete customer satisfaction, and loyalty over the years.

Our precise data handling skills, competitive pricing, customized services, innovative and superior solutions and good customer support network add to making us the preferred choice in the business today. We constantly strive to enhance our client's business potentials through latest and best services in the arena today. With constant R&D in the vertical our team is always on the lookout for ways and techniques to better our services.

Our Team

DataPlusValue aim is to continually heighten our client's commercial enterprise operations by handling their vital data and documents with an uncomparable center on protection and accuracy. DataPlusValue centers on manufactures that are Data, Document and Resource Intense, and who consider accuracy, privateness and protection as refers. DataPlusValue structured cortege of services combines progressive technology and business operation expertness to present considerable acknowledgeable price savings to its clients.

DataPlusValue various bent of service offers throughout answers meet the demands of a wide market crosswise. DataPlusValue answers clients in fiscal Services & Outsourcing Data. Our ism is the dedication to offer superior caliber pro services joined with firm vehemence on punctuality, handiness and dependability, in our relations with our customers. Our Data Entry section could represent as your Back-Office in India for data entry and additional IT services and offer significant price decrease along with maximum degree of caliber and quick turnaround.

DataPlusValue is an ambitious convergence of dedicated Professionals and has its own vision that is its guiding light to all its Employees.

Started in the 2008 year, DataPlusvalue has always been striving to provide nothing but the best services to all our clients. We started with a small team of 10 associates and have today grown into a company that has the potential to manage large scale business development projects both in India as well as abroad. Constant customer support, positive feedback, loyalty and a tremendous team effort, besides the relentless need for perfection has helped us grow and make a mark in the IT world today. We look ahead today, to work and only get better with time.

our vision

We strive to provide nothing but the best quality services to our clients in all IT and processing verticals. We visualize ourselves as being the best in the arena in times to come; through cutting edge performance and competitively priced, world-class services.

It is and will be our endeavour to facilitate our client's strategic and tactical goals; translating efforts into profits for their businesses, resulting in long-term associations, based on mutual trust and growth. We aim to become the primary and preferred choice of businesses in India, as well as, abroad to help them achieve cost-effective, quality business function solutions.


Our Team

DataPlusValue takes pride in its well-knit team of highly talented and professionally well qualified individuals; where everyone is an expert in their respective domains, bringing nothing but the best to the fore. Our team's strength lies in its honesty and dedication towards handling every project with the same zeal and enthusiasm as the one before delivering perfection in all online and offline tasks

The team at DataPlusValue has skilled experts from the arenas of - Data Conversion, Catalogue Processing, Accounting, Image Processing, OCR / Scanning, Website Designing, Data Management, Data Entry, Content Solutions and Website Development. We also have very talented Designers, Developers, Handwriting Analysts, Keyboard Operators, Data Entry Professionals and Graphic Artists among others

Our Work Experience

Years of experience in the field of IT and Data Management, have helped us sharpen our skills in the arena. Today we have developed systems through which we are able to provide our vast client base with the best opportunities, solutions and technology in the field at highly competitive prices. We aim at bringing cost-effective and most-optimized solutions to the table to enhance business profitability and growth.

Our expertise in the domain allows us to understand the market demand and come up with solutions that gel with latest market trends; being safe, secure and highly effective at the same time. Our experience has helped us create standard operational procedures for our teams; helping them work in record turnaround time, meeting deadlines in time and delivering quality services each time every time.

Our Mission / Goal

  • Provide their best to the customer
  • We believe in rendering professional quality services which are at the leading edge of price and performance.
  • Powerful and flexible approach used to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic aims.
  • Way to optimize business performance to drive value and to gain better results.
  • Long term arrangement with an external organization to take primary responsibility for an entire business function.
  • The strategic choice of companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving its quality of service.
  • Highly customized service combining IT and process outsourcing.

Our core services

At Data Plus Value we provide a gamut of services in the verticals of E-commerce product management, Data processing, Business process outsourcing and Multimedia and graphics services.

Business Process Outsourcing

In the business process outsourcing field, we provide our clients with competitively priced, latest technology and trends specific services related to their business arena. We handle offshore office BPO management, back-end management and data entry procedures on a long term basis for our clients.

E-commerce Services

Our e-commerce services include online product entry services, catalogue processing and management services, e-mailer handling, form processing, e-brochures designing and development, accounting services and a lot more.

Data Processing Services

In this arena we provide services related to data mining, data capturing or extraction, data cleansing, Word processing, document management, e-book publishing, online data entry, data conversion etc.

Multimedia and Graphics Services

Our Multimedia and graphics services include web designing and development, image processing, image processing, brochure designing, and many other quality services.

Search Engine Optimization

We at DataPlusValue have a dedicated team of experts who get into the thread and bare of your website to ensure that your SEO once done becomes your most potent weapon for internet marketing.