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Informative, relevant, engaging, and well-formulated product descriptions are the most valuable asset to your online store. With the capability to visually appeal users to drive them towards the purchase, SEO-friendly product description not only augments your sales but also improves the customer experience and overall revenue. Trusted by leading eCommerce stores across the world, DataPlusValue is the most preferred choice to outsource product description writing services. Backed by a professional team of experienced eCommerce copywriters, we have expertise in creating unique, engaging, and sales-driven product descriptions across various business verticals including fashion apparel & accessories, baby products, sports, electronics, etc. With years of experience, our expert content writers have mastery in writing a good product description, that is creative, engaging, informative, and 100% plagiarism free along with your product highlights.

Writing a product description can be a monotonous and time-consuming task, which requires in-depth knowledge of SEO and a sense of writing to trigger the targeted audience to take a call. That’s where DataPlusValue comes into play with a team of versatile eCommerce copywriters to help you outsource product description writing services easily. Whether you have hundreds or thousand products in your online store, our writers work in a close relationship with SEO experts to produce Google-friendly eCommerce product description that improves your SERPs ranking, drive more traffic, increase sales, and eventually improve revenue. The content undergoes rigorous quality tests to ensure that it’s original and readable. Our product description writing services are designed to attract and engage your potential customers. Here’s how we produce quality eCommerce product descriptions.

DataPlusValue Approach - How We Make a Difference?

Have you ever closed a website just because the content was not addressing what it shows in the heading or was not relevant to your queries? Of course, nobody would like to read something irrelevant, mismanaged, and poorly written. Length, tone, word choice, and formulation, there are several things to be noted when writing a good product description. Therefore, our professional content writers follow a proven process to provide state-of-the-art product description writing services that are not only relevant but also trigger your potential buyers with a call to action format. With an aim to drive excitement through your users to reflect your brand identity, we start from scrap and carefully examine every state of our services.

Besides providing customized product description writing services, we start from:-


Strategically Planning

Once you’re ready, we will connect to you to understand your business, goals, and what you want to achieve through our services.


Ground Analysis

To provide your users with the most relevant information and understanding of your products, we start from understanding your audience, market, and competitors. Our team also works on keywords and format to showcase your product description engagingly.


Description Creation

Our professional copywriters are equipped with technology, information, and years of experience to deliver the best product description writing services that suit your audience and store as well.


Proofreading & Editing

The secret to writing a good product description is proofreading > editing > proofreading, therefore we review your content to find grammatical errors, product specifications, and check for reliability as well.

Our Ecommerce product Description Writing Services at a Glance

Nowadays, people around the world are using the internet as the source of fast information. Just type a keyword and anything happened to anywhere will be on your screen in a fraction of seconds. Therefore, it won't be wrong to say that many customers rely on the product description and other information on the internet before finalizing their purchasing decision. Thus, we have been providing affordable product description writing services for a long time. When you decide to outsource product description writing services from DataPlusValue, our experts start with developing a deep understanding of your targeted audience, market, and competitors to create informative and engaging product descriptions.

Here are some essential points that we focus on when offering product description writing services:-

Engaging Product Description

Our professional copywriters will ensure to write crisp, informative, and effective product descriptions to grasp customers’ attention.

Short Descriptions

Ecommerce content writing experts will provide you with a concise summary of your product to excite users to get curious, which will ultimately improve your sales.

Long Descriptions

With extensive knowledge in keyword adjustment and SEO, our writers focus on keywords, specifications, and other essential features for writing long product descriptions.

Category Wise Attributes

We can add the exact attributes that are given SKU contains - for product ID, Title, Images, Descriptions, and more.

SEO Friendly Product Description

Thousands of products are available online, therefore our professional writers create SEO friendly product descriptions that are easy to rank in comparison to others.

Our comprehensive range of eCommerce product description writing services also includes writing 100% plagiarism-free persuasive content in a precise and engaging manner. We can create long, short, meta titles, and other product descriptions accordingly the client’s needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Description Services from DataPlusValue

At DataPlusValue, our expert writers have in-depth knowledge in producing compelling, informative, SEO-rich product descriptions that trigger the customers, and result in increased sales & revenue. We have been providing affordable eCommerce product descriptions writing services for a decade to a global clientele engaged in the various business verticals including sports, fashion accessories, apparel, and more. As a leading company to outsource product description writing services, we offer services that are not limited to describing your products. We sell your products through words.

Read on to know the benefits of selecting us your product description writing partner.:-

100% Original Content

We use paid tools to check for the originality of every single copy.

Language & Tone

Product descriptions written with unique language and tone in mind can engage your customers and reflect your brand identity.

Non-generic Jargon-free Content

Customers hate jargon and so our content writers, therefore, we focus on delivering more and more information through your product descriptions.

On-time Delivery

Get timely delivery guaranteed in any format with our affordable product description writing services.

This is enough to describe why we are the most preferred choice for outsourcing product description services. You can speak to our executives for further assistance.

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