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Data capturing and extraction refers to an automated or manual process of identifying objects, collecting information or data about them and feeding this data directly into desired format. Many big and small businesses outsource work either without choice since they cannot afford to maintain staff or to cut-down these overhead-expenses. Data capture service regarding the manual data entry, OCR (optical character recognition) and pictures etc. require to change the resources into digital e-documents.

DataPlusValue processes every type of textual data including published matter, manuscript, scanned images, internet searches and so on and converts them into digital files. These e-documents are stored and analyzed by computing systems. Huge volumes of information from crucial forms, on-line sheets and documents are converted into precise and substantive database for businesses to work on. Such data is used for implementing several business related conclusions, application program business software systems or stored for future consultation.

We have been providing high quality data capturing and data extraction solutions for over 13 years now and has successfully established itself as one of the leading data capturing companies in India. We provide services at competitive prices meeting international standards and quality within stipulated time-frames. We assist businesses plan strategies for growth or expansion easily and conveniently. Our experts quickly retrieve any information desired by the client since they know exactly where to look for it.

Enjoy Our Unparalleled Data Capture and Data Extraction Services That We Offer

We offer a variety of document management and document capture services that assist you to a lot with efficiency supervise and captivate your company business data. Our data capture services provide commercial enterprises to gather and work on information acquired by crucial forms, website, PDF, directories, documents, and online portal into substantive and precise data. The final result could be applied for several business conclusions, application program business software system or could be stored in big databases for upcoming consultation.

We offer a wide range of Data Capturing Services for customers to choose from including:-

  • Data Extraction from online databases such as white pages, yellow pages
  • Online extracting product details from websites
  • News, blogs, forums and PR sources links extraction
  • On-site and Remote data capture
  • Scanning and Electronic data capturing
  • Insurance claims, medical claims, patient records
  • Business cards, index cards, product warranties, surveys
  • Capturing, storing and managing information in large volumes
  • Converting documents of various sizes and formats like paper, micro-film and micro-fiche
  • Preparation of documents, their sorting and batching
  • Complete indexing of digital files

Why You Should Become Partner With DataPlusValue?

Our Data capture service which is of superior quality, cost-effective and quickly turned-around.


Here are more reasons, why you partner with us:-


We provide an assurance of 99.99 percent accuracy while converting text and numeric-based documents from printed or hand-written formats into data in electronic-format using fast and accurate manual-entry.

Free Trial

Businesses that desire document management and data capturing services and answers to enable efficient supervision and monitoring of company business data can avail Data Capture Service from DataPlusValue for free on trial basis.

Expertise and Capabilities

We hold the capability and expertness to operate any type of data, typed or written, to and by whatsoever data format.

Latest Technology

Integrity and accuracy of data generated is assured by experts at DataPlusValue since they use latest software and manual validation procedures.

Our time-bound and good quality of deliverables is sure to get your notice for a long and fruitful business association Contact Us for more reliable information

Complete Success Case Study

A Leading Malaysia-Based Auto Parts Manufacturing Company Gets Data Capturing and Data Research Services from DataPlusValue

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