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Being a reader ourselves, we appreciate the importance of the eBook that is formatted appropriately. This is why the ePub conversion services come into play that helps to arrange the content and make it readable, legible, and appealing. Most eBook service providers use fixed layout ePub services to make eBook look great and readable before making them available for readers.

If you also want to make your eBook great and engage more online readers, using fixed layout ePub conversion to your eBook would be a great idea. In return, you’ll receive a well-formatted ePub file that is not only appealing but can be accessed to various devices in a friendly way. You can hire DataPlusValue for fixed layout ePub conversion services where professionals use their skills to make the eBook outstanding.

We understand that e-Publishing is a thriving industry in today’s modern business world as eReaders are quickly replacing old fashioned hard copy formats. Apparently, they won’t accept shortfall and must be expecting high-end, smooth, and easy to understand eBook services. When you look for customizable results in your eBook, you should think of DataPlusValue only.

At our firm, we entrust the project manager with years of experience to ensure smooth implementations & delivery of projects. Check our services and advantages we provide to our global clientele to make our services the best in the industry.

Advantages of Outsourcing Fixed Layout ePub Services

Fixed layout ePub not only improves the appearance of your eBook but also provides you various benefits. The advantages of fixed-layout ePub are not limited to the following.

Let’s check what you’ll get when you outsource fixed layout ePub services to your e-Publishing:-


Better Page Break

Fixed Layout ePub permits a better page break that provides a smooth and understanding reading material.


Smaller Sized Files

It helps to convert your file into a smaller size relative to any other format like PDF file etc. which also enables easy access to readers.


Unique Books Format

One of the amazing benefits of using fixed layout ePub conversion on your e-Publishing is it mostly gives an appealing book with vibrant images, proper alignment, page numbering, etc., that enable readers to enjoy easy access


Exact Format And Layout

Our experts can generate the desired fixed layout ePub in the exact format and layout matching the source files. We usually follow a well-structured and streamlined procedure to carry out the conversions.


Better Zooming

An additional advantage that users can enjoy is a zooming option. If you outsource fixed layout ePub services, you will be able to expand the font size to get clear visibility but allow to inflamed the images. The zooming option of the fixed layout ePub conversion services makes it simpler for the reader to notice the detailed information.

With these advantages, we render every possible benefit to our customers. We allow them to leverage the experience of our team and the skills they have earned with their dedicated services. Check what they offer to their clients.

Why Choose DataPlusValue For Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services?

One and the only reason to choose DataPlusValue is the number of services we provide in a cost & time-effective manner.

Apart from this, we have been leading in the industry for the following reasons:-

  • Number of qualified and talented team members
  • High-end quality ePub conversion
  • Utmost accuracy with the help of all possible software
  • Customized and flexible services that match authors as well as the reader’s desires
  • Make use of state of the art tools and equipment to match the market requirements

At DataPlusValue, we offer value-added conversion that makes us the most preferred choice of our customers. To partner with us, give us a call on our phone number or email at your respective address.

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