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Image annotation means labeling any particular image with the help of both human power and technology. Nearly every advanced technology works on computer vision that needs impermeable training data to give accurate results. No matter whatever business or industry you deal with, your AI-driven artifact is sure to fail if it's not trained properly. This is where image annotation services come to your rescue. The process helps your business achieve desired results with an impartial and relevant annotation process for every image element.

An efficient image annotation solution includes image classification, object detection, and image segmentation for your models, and the annotation type would be defined by the use case of the project.

Types of Image Annotation Services

DataPlusValue is counted among the advanced image annotation and labeling experts in the market. We provide altered image annotation services including polygon annotations, bounding boxes, LiDar, keypoint annotation, image classification, and semantic segmentation. Even if your project needs complex datasets, sagacious annotation directives, inadequate time to souk, or any other requirement, our experts can surely deliver you a patented image labeling podium.

However, it should also be noted that every project is different and needs unique image labeling techniques. Hence, we recommend our clients initiate with a sample batch for clarifying instructions, estimated task times, and edge cases before working on full batches.

Image Annotation Services We Master

Bounding Boxes

One of the most used image annotation techniques, bounding box annotation is a method in which boxes are drawn manually over elements for quick identification. Our experts work with rectangular box annotation to elucidate train data and objects, localizing and identifying objects, and aiding algorithms with interpreted images throughout the process. And this defines their strength in using the technique for various purposes.

3D Cuboid Annotation

Our professionals use cuboids for generating training datasets that help machine learning models recognize the object's depth. When labeling is done by experts it results in superior datasets for computers and other technologies to detect obstacle dimensions and other objects. With the help of anchor points placed on the edges of the objects, the dots are further connected using a line resulting in a 3D presentation.

Semantic Segmentation

Our team in this technique works on every pixel of the image for annotation and separates it into various segments that help the computer recognize the algorithms and objects. We detect various objects in this technique and help businesses organize the data in innumerable formats for multiple uses. In this way, the computer vision can effortlessly recognize various algorithms.

Polygon Annotation

Our professionals are skilled in targeting irregular objects by plotting points on every targeted object vertex. In this way, they easily target all the edges of the object that needs to be annotated no matter what the shape of the object. Hence, computers, AI, or other advanced technologies can easily respond to and identify objects.

Image Classification

Annotators at DataPlusValue classify objects or images based on different taxonomy levels including crops, land use, features of residential properties, etc. This converts the ordinary classification into image insights for machine learning and AI models.

LiDar Annotation

Our trained professionals label various videos and images with 360-degree visibility captured by advanced cameras for building a high-quality, accurate, and true dataset that can be pictured on various models like autonomous vehicles, routes, pathways, etc.

Keypoint Annotation

DataPlusValue outlines shape and object disparities by concerning individual points through objects. Keypoint annotation detects the features of the body including emotions and facial expressions as well. Among all, facial recognition is a popular key point annotation widely used.

Polyline Annotation

From our experts, you shall receive training datasets created with the help of polyline annotation that would help the machine learning model how to categorize physical boundaries for operation. Polyline annotation is widely used in autonomous vehicles which helps them learn road boundaries.

Rapid Annotation

Last but not least, our team is also proficient in using image exclamation for rapidly annotating particular files like CSV, PNG, and JPG. They create a quality video training dataset promptly for both machine learning and AI projects. This would help your data science team a good opportunity to convert their idea into creation.

Our Advanced Image Annotation Process

Transparency is the base of our alliance. Here is the image annotation process our team works on with rigorous operating mechanisms and fluid interaction for a rewarding collaboration.


Expert Consultation

Our team of experts is ready with a solution-based and transformative approach to work on your projects. They understand your requirements patiently and help you with innovative solutions including video annotation solutions.


Preparation of Image Dataset

Once our team is ready with the dataset received from the clients along with their annotation requirements, our professionals initiate annotation services. Every kind of irrelevant, obscured, and blurred image is eliminated from the dataset in this step.


Object Specification

Once we are done with the elimination of unwanted data, we work on specifying different elements and objects in the images that require annotation services. This also includes video annotation solutions as well.


Allocating Image Labels

In this step, our team begins with the allocation of tags or labels to the images. In this various types of image annotation techniques are considered including key points, bounding boxes, splines and lines, etc.


Exporting Images and Quality Checking

Once the task of labeling is over, our connoisseurs precisely disseminate the images. Once they are exported, the dataset goes through numerous quality checks ensuring the accuracy of the labeling process.


Delivery of Project

Once the annotated dataset goes through various quality checkpoints, our experts deliver the final results to you in a particular format that is idyllic for the training dataset.

Why Choose Us as Your Image Annotation Services Provider?

With DataPlusValue as your preferred image annotation partner, you are sure to receive high-quality annotations tailored to your industry needs. Be it the medical industry, retail industry, autonomous industry, security and surveillance, agritech, insurance, or any other industry, we contribute our best to your computer vision models as well as AI algorithms.

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