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Video annotation is a method of training the AI models to detect objects through tagging and labeling. The process includes breaking the video into various frames and preparing them using different techniques. However, the task is very challenging as it includes multiple possessions segmenting small frames from the video, annotating the small frames discretely with the actual metadata, data volume, various credible classifiers, integral dialectal complexities, and much more.

Professional video annotation solutions create lucrative datasets for maximum machine learning functions. Video annotation services are used in various industries including geospatial technology, medical AI, and self-driving cars.

Different Types of Video Annotation Services

DataPlusValue ranks among the professionals in the market serving accessible and efficient video annotation services, globally, that can be altered as per your learning model’s requirements. We have a team of professionals who deliver top-class results with the right combination of expertise, experience, and skills. We not only work with metadata and detection annotation, but also help with frame-by-frame video analysis, object recognition, and much more for a complete video annotation solution.

Some of our professional video annotation services are listed below

Bounding Boxes

Bounding box solutions by DataPlusValue offer a deeper insight into the substances of any particular video, particularly the height, width, and length. The process includes covering a 2D rectangular box over the substance of interest in every video frame which helps the computer vision identify objects in the actual world. The method is very popular for security and automotive purposes in social media platforms and the entertainment industry.

Polygon Annotation

Polygons are essential for the annotation of videos or images with irregular shapes that don’t suit rectangular frames. The skilled annotators at DataPlusValue are well-trained to help you out with such issues by detecting the correct size and shape for obtaining specific localization. Polygon annotation is highly used in the automotive industry.

Semantic Annotation

Are you looking forward to categorizing multiple objects in a single group titled under a single entity? Contact our experts and they will help you with semantic annotation solutions to segment your videos into various segments or parts. We examine every video frame and classify the objects with every pixel.

Keypoint Annotation

Our professionals at DataPlusValue are well-skilled to help you with facial recognition models essential for retail and security applications. Our annotators work on every shape and object variation in the videos like the lips, nose, eyes, emotions, facial expressions, and even the individual cells with ease.

Landmark Annotation

In this method, our experts place key points on a particular area of concentration for accurately detecting various shape variations beneficial for facial landmark detection, motion tracking, hand gesture recognition, etc. This system is highly used for security reasons and in video games.

3D Cuboid Annotation

Our annotators use this annotation solution for labeling various objects in any video. This includes the identification of objects in the video frame, drawing a 3D cuboid box around the objects, and indicating their location precisely. Through this solution, the height, length, and width of the object can also be detected.

Polyline Annotation

Through this annotation service, we demarcate the boundaries between two parts of any particular object. This kind of annotation solution is mostly used in the automobile industry while working on the road lines. It is also used when a particular area is annotated for building the boundary points.

Rapid Annotation

Annotation pros in our team through this process add relevant tags or labels to video clips that relate to any particular class or event. This annotation service is carried out manually by our team in which they create bounding boxes near the objects in the video or image frame and label them with pertinent classes rapidly.

Video Annotation Process at DataPlusValue

At DataPlusValue, we have a potential team of talented annotators who ensure every AI project gets an excellent video training dataset without facing any issues related to quality control, training, and management. Here is a quick guide to the process of how our experts help you out.


Review of Frames

The foremost step in the video annotation process is the review of the frames. For this, our team of experts visualize the entire video several times if needed to work on the number of frames the video contains.


Allocation of Annotations

Once our team has studied the video thoroughly, the next step they work on is the allocation of annotations. They precisely label and annotate every object in the frame.


Classification of Images

Once the assigning of annotations is complete, the professionals are now ready to classify the images. This classification is carried out based on the characteristics of each frame and object.


Dissection of Video

The final step before submitting the work to the clients is the dissection of videos. The annotators finally segment the objects and characters of the video by creating bounding boxes surrounding the images.

Why Choose Us as Your Video Annotation Services Provider?

With the help of human proficiency and AI-based video annotation procedures, DataPlusValue effectively analyzes huge video data volumes to identify patterns and trends to enhance manufacturing productivity and work on energy and cost expenses. So, no matter what field you belong to, contact us today for tailored video annotation solutions.

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