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Medical AR Follow Up/Recovery Services
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Nowadays most of the physicians often find their medical practice or facilities creating predictable or rising monthly charges but at the same time, they do not understand the same kind of development in their reoccurring cash flow. Until and unless particular and reliable active accounts receivable follow up on the current billings is introduced, it is common to find a provider with extreme amounts in medical A/R that are superior to 180 days outstanding.

Mainly the volume of unpaid claims as well as the time it takes to research, appeal, correct or re-file the claims is going to take time longer than expected. A limited group of staff which is dedicated to this task will not be able to achieve the goal which is made considerably to decrease the outstanding A/R and collect the money possible in a short time.

At DataPlusvaue, we have experienced team who can handle this process very well. The Medical accounts receivable follow up/recovery follow-up team at DataPlusValue is completely accountable for looking after denied claims as well as reopening them to obtain supreme repayment from the insurance companies. The medical billing A/R, as well as revenue cycle management process is controlled by our experienced staff.

Process of Medical AR Follow Up/Recovery Services at DataPlusValue

The medical A/R program which is provided by DataPlusValue resolves all the problems that are usually delaying the collection efforts by the individual providers. We, at DataPlusValue, follow these accounts properly by assigning a complete team of individuals.

The work is mainly performed in three phases:-


Initial Evaluation of Medical AR Follow Up

In this phase, identification and enquiry of the claims take place that is listed on the A/R Aging Report. The team will further review the provider's adjustment policy from which we will see which claims require to be adjusted off.


Analysis and Prioritizing Medical AR Follow Up

This phase is initiated by the skilled medical A/R analysts who recognize the different problems for claims that are marked as uncollectible or for claims where the carrier has not paid as per its contracted rate with providers.


Gathering The supreme of Medical AR Follow Up

Depending upon the analysis and our team's findings, all the claims are recognized to be within the filing limit of the carrier that is re-filed after validating all the important billing information.

Why Choose DataPlusVaue?

  • Cost savings of more than 40%
  • Weekly & monthly reports along with detailed insurance analysis
  • Quick turnaround time

Therefore, our deep knowledge in this field helps us in conducting successful medical AR follow up/recovery. Please contact us for more details.