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Strengthen your contact list and initiate accurate marketing campaigns for your company with double-validated B2B custom list building services from DataPlusValue.

For any business, knowing their customers precisely is very important, and this includes learning about their contact details, interests, needs, habits, and much more. As an experienced and trusted B2B list building services provider company, we come up with a huge range of B2B contact list building services that serve our clients with valuable and relevant contact lists according to your business size and type.

Best and Essential Steps Followed at DataPlusValue for B2B List Building Process

DataPlusValue serves as a leading B2B contact list outsourcing company that brings potential customers to your business. A well-managed contact list is crucial for any company as it gives accurate data on essential professionals from the market.

At DataPlusValue, one of the leading names for custom list building services, we pedantically build customized databases as per your business requirements. With a combination of automated tools, advanced techniques, and manual intervention, we ensure high-quality customer listings that improve your overall ROI and marketing efforts.

Here are the essential steps followed by our experts to provide you with a treasured database.


Audience Profiling

Every company receives a huge database every year from different sources, and we at DataPlusValue help our clients categorize and identify target audiences from it. We analyze the contacts and prepare a list of potential customers based on your requirements like location, age, demographics, industry, etc. so that your campaign hits the right audience.


Data Extraction and Refinement

Once we are ready with the targeted audience list, we work on extracting the necessary details of the contact including phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant details. Our team is well equipped with advanced techniques, software, and tools that give you suitable prospects commendably.


Data Verification and Validation

Merely giving you a huge list or database isn’t our motto. We wish to serve our clients with 100% accuracy and hence, our next step is verification of the information collected. This helps you receive maximum conversions through marketing campaigns. Any invalid, inaccurate, or incomplete entry observed is either updated or eliminated for a completely reliable database. Lastly, once we are ready with your latent contact list, we validate all the contact details of the database. This ensures reliability, precision, and consistency regarding the database. Our experts also serve with permission checks before delivering you the final contact list.

An All-Inclusive Range of Customized B2B List Building Services

Outsource B2B listing services with our experts and obtain a clean and validated database, completely customized according to your targeting and marketing requirements. With an all-inclusive package that covers all your business needs, our professionals help you beat any challenge manageably.

Exclusive custom listing services we serve:

B2B Contact List Mining

We are a team of experienced experts with complete knowledge regarding B2B contact mining work along with the latest technology to give you a well-analyzed database. Through crucial steps like data processing, data validating, and managing collected data, we give our clients an associated list as per their requirements. We also prefer giving quality checks to deliver a complete, accurate, and precise database.

B2B List Indexing

Our process includes predetermined methods and techniques capable of giving you a tailored index based on your parameters and requirements. This benefits with easy sharing, managing, and accessing features for B2B contact details without cosseting in any particular activities.

B2B Data Creation

Be it creation of new database or updating the data maintained on your website, our advanced B2B listing services serve you with diverse requests. We integrate new contact details of prospects and customers with your existing contact details to keep your database up to date.

LinkedIn Data Mining

LinkedIn is a huge platform from which we help our customers get their contacts and prospects. Once we are ready with the list of potential customers, we verify and validate the data to give you a complete B2B contact list to market your products and services.

How Many Types of Data Fields are Included in B2B List Building?

Our professionals at DataPlusValue are well-trained to help you with a customized list of customers as per your needs.

Some of the highly requested fields include:-

  • Type of industry
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Company employee details (Name, Job Title, Email, Contact Number, etc.,)
  • Company turnover
  • Company location
  • Company email address
  • Company contact number

How Does Your Business Benefit from Outsourcing Custom List Building Services?

B2B listing services help in improving the marketing efforts and metrics so that the businesses achieve their targets accountably.

Other remarkable benefits include:-

  • Boosted outreach
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Improved ROI
  • Firm decision making
  • Eligible leads
  • Enhanced productivity

DataPlusValue possesses positive qualities like experience, resources, and data strength that help in achieving an excellent contact list for your business. Over our years of experience, we have built a huge database of approximately 32 million B2B contacts that helps us provide the right information and data to our customers. Through weekly updates, we also help our clients with essential information based on their industrial needs. We also serve with geo-targeted email listing as we have an accumulated database from crucial sources like potential buyers from various demographics, businesses, etc. Our database helps in categorizing the latest untapped markets, targeting new geographies, and obtaining new prospects for marketers.

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