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Data annotation is a procedure for making essential objects detectable or recognizable to machines at the time of feeding various algorithms. Businesses receive a huge raw database daily. This raw data is obtained in various formats like images, content, videos, and texts. With the help of data annotation services, the raw data is classified and labeled so that it becomes easier for the machines to recognize the objects, perform functions, and learn the sentiments.

Along with Data Annotation, We Also Provide Other Types of Annotation Services

DataPlusValue is a leading data annotation service provider with a far-flung clientele. Our experts serve with data labeling services designed for delivering superlative training data, endowing your machine learning and AI endeavors. We focus on earning the trust of our clients by upgrading our knowledge base, technologies, and skill set continuously to meet their expectations.

Our team consists of specialists in the field confirming scrupulous attention to precise and altered tagging for your data.

Here are some of the popular data annotation solutions we help you with.

Image Annotation Services

To have a successful AI or Machine learning model, a high-quality dataset is needed. We serve with human-annotated data that is comparatively more accurate than machine-annotated data. Our professionals are well-skilled to help you with image annotation services including polygons, 2D and 3D bounding boxes, labeling and landmarks, semantic segmentation, LiDar, key point annotation, image classification, and point annotation.

Video Annotation Services

At DataPlusValue, your data is processed with advanced annotation tools for converting your videos into various frames and reconstructing them for complete annotation. Our video annotation services make identifying various objects detectable to drones, self-driving cars, robotics, tracking human pose and activity estimation, healthcare, etc. to give you the best match.

Text Annotation Services

When it’s about processing and organizing bulk files or a huge collection of data, selecting a team of experts for data annotation is highly recommended. Our professionals at DataPlusValue help with text annotation solutions like keyword tagging, classification of data, relationship extraction, text categorization, named-entity identification, sentiment analysis, spam and intent recognition, processing natural language, and much more that makes the text detectable to MI and NLP models like Chatbots.

Data Annotation Process at DataPlusValue

DataPlusValue ranks among the steadfast data annotation solutions providers that work using advanced annotation tools for AI and Machine learning along with human skills. No matter whatever industry you are connected with, or whatever type of object you deal with, we work with altered annotation modes as per your requirements.

Here is the advanced data annotation process we follow to give you the desired results


Expert Consultation

Our professionals are well-trained with a futuristic and solution-oriented approach to meet the client’s needs. We provide expert consultation to our clients with dexterity and on-time solutions for their data annotation requirements.



Our team is capable of working with targeted resources, restoring tools, custom skills, and much more that provide a focused mode of working with a deep micro learning curriculum.


Customization of Workflow

Experts in our team are well-trained to help our clients with aligned data annotation processes and tools. We work with a proper structure for workflows like QA anno tation, two-step production, etc.


Client Satisfaction

At DataPlusValue, clients can enjoy complete transparency for their work and analytics. We serve with concurrent monitoring, case insights, active model improvement, service delivery visions, etc. that ensure clients with utmost satisfaction.



Data annotation solutions with us provide a complete impost of deliverables. Our annotation services serve your business with model reevaluation, quality regulator processes, assessment of key metrics, and advanced analysis of possible outcomes.

Why Choose Us as Your Data Annotation Services Provider?

The demand for excellent data annotation solutions is constantly increasing progressively. DataPlusValue combines innovative and prophetic annotation technology along with top-notch annotation to deliver a dataset to help your business develop rapidly.

  • NDA Assured
  • Certified with ISO data quality and data security certifications
  • Cost-effective pricing module
  • Several years of experience in annotation
  • Dedicated QC team with quality assurance
  • Quick turnaround time
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