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The revenue cycle management is mainly the financial process which utilizes medical billing software that healthcare facilities use in order to track the patient care episodes successfully from registration as well as appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance.

It is very important for you to understand that medical billing, as well as collections, is not only about submitting a claim because a number of different steps is required to be done before and after submission. It mainly includes but is not limited to the checking of eligibility, refusal reports, confirmation of all codes, checking for transmission errors as well as ultimately handling the denials within the time frame.

DataPlusValue is one of the chief revenue cycle management company which has the ability to handle all this and also ensure the precision of your billing submissions, while we also preserve as well as enhance your practice revenue. With the help of a revenue cycle management system, healthcare providers often maintain and manage patient's billing records because it helps in decreasing the time between rendering a service and receiving payment for it.

Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management

Our company has years of experience in this field and is also indulged in offering best Revenue Cycle Management services to physician groups, hospitals as well as physicians under the supervision of the same professional management. Some of the providers' services by DataPlusValue include group practices, surgery centres, pain management centres, solo practices, IPAs, surgery centres, anaesthesiology centres as well as radiology groups.

Perks of Revenue Cycle Management:-

  • This system is helpful in tracking patient care & simplifies collection & billing cycles by recording, programing and handling the payment.
  • Communicating with HER & accounting systems turn out to be easier with RCM

The healthcare revenue cycle solution which is provided by the DataPlusValue company is highly reliable and best because it not only covers the billing as well as collection function but also offers a number of other services like mobile charge capture solutions, fee schedule evaluations, credentialing EMR solution as well as document management systems. Please contact us for more details.