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Creating awareness about a product or service is one of the most important methods of generating likes and hits on your website. In order to make your website popular among search engines, it is important to provide links to your websites either directly or through other websites or blogs. There are many websites that allow you to provide articles with respect to your niche. These articles allow you to provide back links that will help search engines pick your website when users look for certain keywords.

The benefits of article submission/posting are not limited to SEO. They also help you build a good PR if the information that you provide is authentic and relevant. In addition to that, it helps establish you as an expert in the industry that you currently deal in. You can build trust among your readers and potential customers by giving them a reason to revisit your website. There are many ways to ensure that the article that you write is guaranteed to hold the interest of your readers and ensure that they come back looking for more on your website.

When handling article submission/posting projects for clients, our team at DataPlusValue always ensures that we choose the URLs that determine the popularity of the website. If the website has URLs that are search engine friendly instead of those that are dynamically generated, it is easier to direct the traffic towards it. We look to submit articles to websites that are willing to provide the website with a resource box. With these websites, we ensure that we get anchor text that is relevant to the information that our client’s website is providing. As a result, search engine rankings improve quite drastically and help us generate more hits on our client’s website.

Points to Consider for a Successful Article Submission/Posting Campaign

We at DataPlusValue recognize the importance of good article submission/posting in the process of effective SEO. Therefore we always follow certain guidelines for submitting articles and advise our clients to follow the same even when they are handling their website’s submissions on their own.

We use a simple yet effective and proven article submission/posting process, mentioned below:-


Relevance of Content

Firstly, the content that you provide must be relevant. Most often, in an attempt to use as many keywords as possible and generate a good response, article writers tend to neglect the most important aspect- the content itself.


Restrict Word Count

The articles that you submit must not exceed 700 words. With the busy lives that people lead these days, it is impossible to expect them to spend more than five to ten minutes on each article. So make a crisp article with to the point information.


Maintain a Flow

Organize the information and structure your article in a way that one piece of information leads to another and everything appears well connected. Present in an easy format and not a cluttered manner. Keep paragraphs short to ensure that even a quick glance gives as much information as detailed reading.


Good Presentation

Making your article presentable is also essential. You must ensure that it looks like the work of a professional. For this, you must provide interesting headings and subheadings and also divide the content into paragraphs that are short and easy to read. To ensure that all the information that you want to give out reaches your audience, you can even break them down into bullets and points. Add pictures wherever required.

We believe that when it comes to online marketing, it all boils down to effective content management. If you are successful in providing the information that people are looking for, you can be assured that your client base will increase steadily. We follow this belief in all our SEO efforts; ensuring best business results for our vast customer base. Please contact us for more details.

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