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There are basically two kinds of social media optimization. The first one is known as on page SMO. With online SMO, companies aim at creating content on their website that is interesting and allows their customers and users to remain engaged. This includes processes like HTML code corrections, eradicating broken and dead links, Optimizing content, adding Meta tags and improving the analytical set up. The other one is the off page SMO. This involves the use of other social media sites to promote your content and increase the traffic on your website. This involves processes like link building, directory submission, article generation, blog posts, e book creation and press release creations.

Online branding campaigns are considered as one of the most effective methods to create brand visibility and increase the popularity of a brand. One of the main reasons for this is that the internet allows you to create not a just a local but a global network to share your products and business with. With the coming of the social media, it has become easy to reach out to a larger customer and client base collectively. Therefore, brands have realized the need to exploit these social media channels to the maximum extent to ensure that they are able to reach out to a size of audience that is almost impossible with traditional marketing tools.

This is why most companies contact expert social media optimization experts like us at DataPlusValue to ensure their businesses get the desired exposure and visibility. Although, the social media is a free tool that one can use for marketing, there are a few steps involved in ensuring that all the efforts achieve the results that they are expected to.

Method of Social Media Optimization Services Process


Exploit Habits of Target Users

The immediate and most obvious step after you have understood the medium is to understand the target audience that you are going to deal with. Apart from understanding who your target audience is, you must understand how they make use of the internet. Depending of factors like the age group of your audience, the profession of your audience etc., their internet use habits will also be drastically different.

Understanding this difference will help you create content that is relevant and interesting to the group that you are dealing with. You must have sufficient knowledge about where your target group spends time on the internet. This will help you make specific content for both off page and on page SMO.


Create a Social Platform for Customers

The most important function of a social platform is to deal with problems faced by potential customers and existing customers. It is a good idea to make a list of frequently asked questions and possible dilemmas that customers may face in your niche. Once you have done that, you can post regular articles and blogs. You can even create specific blogs and Facebook accounts that will engage customers with questions and answers pertaining to your products or services. You can also link your customers to experts in your field so that content automatically becomes valuable for them.


Retain Visitors

The only way to ensure that your visitors become your customers is to keep the coming back to your website and to keep them engaged at all times. This is only possible when the content that you provide is relevant to the target audience. All the content that you provide must be reliable and must have a personal tone. This gives your customers that opportunity to relate to your product easily. Once you have achieved that, you can be rest assured that you can generate sales through your online portal and create a base of loyal customers.


Be Responsive and Transparent

When you are attempting to engage customers and keep them loyal to your brand, you take on the unsaid responsibility of being transparent and responsive. Instead of employing means like sending annoying promotional mails and marketing messages, it is a better idea to interact on a social platform. Treat your customers like friends and be genuine with them. Provide them with solutions to all their problems.

Most importantly, be responsive in your approach. This means you must respond as quickly as possible to all the grievances of your customers. Show your customer that you care about the experiences that they have with your brand. You can also use monitoring services provided by search engines to understand the response to your website and the success of your SMO activities.

For availing all of the above services and increasing the traffic on your website, please speak to our executive today.

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