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OCR ScaningOutsourcing OCR / Paper Scanning work to reduce expenses involved in employing requisite staff is a common business practice today. It not only saves man hours and effort but also proves to be highly cost effective in the long run.

DataPlusValue is as a leading IT-Service firm which provides this service at competitive prices and international quality in stipulated time-frames. OCR / Paper Scanning Service at DVP enables processing of documents which are published in specific typewriter fonts or printers apart from basic services like indexing and picture scanning.

Experts at DVP carefully study customer demands, analyze documents which require conversion and try out secondary tools and procedures which have to be applied for executing conversion. Experts also ensure generation of backup files of large-scale projects which might demand superior deliverables and fast reversals.

The bilingual team at DataPlusValue offers precise and perfect Data Conversion Service to all clients across the globe for a reasonable fee in stipulated time durations. This is made possible using latest high-velocity scanning equipment. Data Conversion is undertaken for converting newsprints, books and drawings in big formats into word processing files or text files. If required by the client, DVP also conducts onsite scanning of valuable or sensitive documents and promises to maintain confidentiality and protection of information.

Optical character recognition, commonly brief to OCR, comprises the mechanically skillful or electronic transformation of pictures of written, typed or published text (commonly captivated by a scanner) into machine-editable text. OCR acknowledges the published words that are existing upon a physical document. OCR is commonly applied when processing documents that are published in "typical" printer or typewriter fonts.

We provide picture scanning and Indexing with inexpensive costs. Our OCR / Scanning squad offers services to backup big scale document transition projects that demand fast reversals and superiority deliverables. Contingent on the superior of the text, the OCR outcomes diverge. By applying DataPlusValue imaging services, you'll be able to change paper documents into digital pictures. You profit from substituting the awkward processes of document repositing/recovery and by getting fast accession to your information.

We cautiously study the customer demands and analyze the documents which require to be converted and try out the secondary procedure and tools which require to be applied for the conversion procedure. We're armed with the cutting-edge high-velocity scanning gear and our scanning services are believably among the least price services you'll ever come up. We're capable of scanning bonded books & newsprints and big format drawings.

DataPlusValue assure you on the confidentiality and protection of information.

About Optical Character Recognition-OCR / Paper Scanning

Optical Character Recognition-OCR or Paper Scanning is a process in which printed material is converted into word processing or text files for ease in storage and editing. It is the electronic or mechanical conversion of scanned images of printed, typed or hand-written text into machine coded text.

Earlier, if a book was to be converted into a word-processing file, each page had to be typed out word by word. The advent of OCR has changed this and revolutionized information storage, sharing and editing in a big way. This technology has enabled storage of such materials using significantly lesser space compared to their hard-copy materials.

This process requires hardware and software set-ups for functioning. Sophisticated versions of OCR Scanning require additional circuit boards to be fitted in the computers for executing conversion of various types of documents.

The process of conversion commences with an 'optical scanner' scanning text from a page and breaking down the fonts into a string of dots called, 'a bitmap'. This bitmap is then converted into computer text. The software used in OCR Scanning has the ability to read most of the common fonts and also recognize starting and ending points of lines.

OCR digitizes printed texts to enable:
  • Electronic searching
  • Compact storing
  • On-line display
  • Execution of various machine processes like machine translation, text mining, text-to-speech conversion and so on

Some OCR systems have the ability to reproduce formatted output which very closely approximates the original scanned input which can be an image, column or any other non-textual component.

Types of OCR / Paper Scanning Service

DataPlusValue offers a wide range of OCR / Paper Scanning Service for customers to choose from including:

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Indexing and conversion of documents
  • Conversion of scanned image data into digital files
  • Proof-Reading
Why Choose DVP?

OCR Scanning service at DVP aims to service clients who handle large chunks of documents and find it time-consuming and expensive to perform data entry work manually.

Experts use latest technology to read text from paper files, application forms, resumes or address labels using special equipment and convert them into digital files/ soft copies for storage, retrieval, editing, or displaying on websites. This not only reduces paper management costs for clients but also ensures easy access to information.

Clients who require OCR Scanning service for generating photographs, brochures, artwork, flyers or marketing material can rely on DataPlusValue for consolidating data entry and transforming information into electronic formats with least data entry errors. These will not only simplify business activities but also assist clients in having better ability to handle peak-loads.

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