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Data Standardization / Normalization Services

If your database is linked from live CRM or created by emerging multiple data files, you are more likely to face challenges in fetching the relevant data and lead to unwanted delays in decision making. The logical & structural data inconsistencies could be like “Manager of Customer Relations” written in different ways including “Customer Relations Manager” “Manager, Customer Relations” and “MANAGER of CUSTOMER RELATIONS”. All the titles are the same, but according to “search ability & readability” these all are different terms. Various versions of the same data affect the scalability of the structure and provide your users and an in-house team with incomplete data. Therefore, the normalization of data is a must.

Here at DataPlusValue, we offer accurate data standardization and normalization services to a global clientele. It is a process of bringing collected data into a common format. This is a crucial process that requires data normalization specialists with expertise in research, analytics, and the latest data standardization tools & technologies. Data normalization not only removes discrepancies from the database but also provides with the ease of accessibility to the source of knowledge. Performing this task with in-house resources will not only affect your budget but also decrease your productivity and maximize the risk of inaccuracy. On the other hand outsourcing data standardization and normalization services are not only cost-effective but also ensures the utmost accuracy.

Our Data Standardization and Normalization Process for Accurate & Consistent Data

With the aim to normalize duplicate entries in your database, our data standardization specialists follow proven methodologies to prevent normalization issues and simplify your queries quickly. Our qualified professionals have expertise in dealing with various types of projects. We employ state-of-the-art data scrubbing, matching, and de-duplication strategies to provide accurate and consistent data standardization and normalization services.

We follow a proven process that includes:-


In this stage, the data transferred to a rational table from your database. Every column of the table contained the automatic value of the information.


In this step, our experts will bring all the columns in one form as the table is currently set as its primary key.


Here we check for duplicate phrases, reparations, upper case & lower case, capitalization, and make sure that the columns are not dependent on the primary key of the table.

Our data standardization/normalization experts follow this process, regardless of the size of the project. With a positive and proven approach, we can maintain quality and deliver better services with the utmost accuracy.

Our Suite of Data Standardization and Normalization Services

DataPlusValue is a well-recognized name in the outsourcing business with a suite of comprehensive professional services. We perform standardization/normalization data work with other applications & software including CRM, ERP, MDM, eCommerce platforms, and more. Equipped with a professional team, we harness cutting-edge technology to render data standardization/normalization services to all business verticals.

Our services involve:-

  • Normalization the identical company names or supplier name
  • Person name normalization
  • Job title normalization
  • Contact number standardization and validation
  • Converting the all abbreviation form into full form or vice versa
  • City, State and country normalization
  • Address values standardization
  • Prefix, Suffix values normalization
  • Proper case formatting

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Data Standardization and Normalization Services to Us

By outsourcing data standardization services and data normalization services to DataPlusValue, you can leverage our experience of working with different types of projects and technical knowledge.

Other than cost-effectiveness & accurate services, following are some key benefits, which you get with us:-

  • Better focus on the core business values
  • Improve usability of content
  • Access to professional management
  • Technical edge
  • Guarantee of quality & accuracy
  • Up to 70% Reduced Overheads
  • Flexibility to manage workload
  • Complete data security
  • Quick turnaround

Speak to our executives for further discussion at any time with queries regarding your data standardization services or data normalization services.

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