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Since email has become the primary source of customer relationship management, data transmission, and communication, customers are sending queries via mail. If you are operating an online store or an eCommerce website, your company may receive thousands of emails every day which often go overlooked. However, remaining these emails unanswered can affect your business’s online reputation and sales as well. With the ability to answer all your customers’ queries within fast turnaround time, outsourcing email support service has become the first choice of all leading companies. Other than reducing overheads, it saves your precious time and enables you to focus on your organization’s core competencies.

DataPlusValue, a leading outsourcing company, has been offering comprehensive professional services to cater to a global clientele. With a professional team, we provide email support services for both technical and non-technical products & services. We have extensive experience in providing outsourcing customer support services to all sizes of companies around the world and our chat support executives can professionally answer customer queries on your behalf.

We can work with all types of companies running from sports, fashion, retail, electronics to telemedicine, and delivered highly-scalable reliable email support services. Our experts will merge their experience and the latest technology to render the best customer support services via email that will eventually boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction. Here is our email support process and how we help you expand your business swiftly.

DataPlusValue Approach - How We Make a Difference?

With DataPlusValue, you get an opportunity to leverage the industry expertise of our chat support executives. They can deliver customized services for everything, including inventory management, order processing, but have proficiency in email and live chat support services. Our email support services are designed to boost your sales and improve conversation and customer retention rates as well. However, the success of anything lies in its foundation, our professionals have crafted a strategy leveraging their expertise and industry know-how. Following this proven method, we ensure that the tickets raised by your customers are being answered regardless of any situation. We are a company that has offered eCommerce business email support services in the past and strived to render reliable services furthermore because customers mean a lot.

Check out how we execute our process to bring value to your business:-


Database Formulation

We work in a close relationship with our customers to create a database that includes frequently asked questions by the customers and how they were being resolved.


Regular Updates in Database

We keep updating the database as per customers’ queries to help our team understand the process and answer your customer proficiently.


Team Sitting

Our chat support executives brainstorm to find out some quick solutions to customers’ queries and the agents go through training to be familiarized with the client’s process.


Answering Queries

Once we receive any mail, it will be scanned by expert executives and forwarded to a well-trained chat support executive to provide clear, concise, and satisfying answers.

The Importance of Outsourcing Email Support Services

If you just started an online store, you may be wondering or thinking twice before outsourcing email support services. Because your store is running well and you can easily respond to your customers’ queries because you may haven’t expanded your store too much or have millions of users. While big online stores and eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Best Buy can neither do this nor can they manage an in-house chat support team. It is time-consuming and expensive to operate an in-house customer support team, hence outsourcing email support services is the most preferred option.

Customer satisfaction is, of course, an essential part of any organization, and not responding to their queries can lead to an unsatisfied customer base. If you don’t answer your customers’ queries they will hardly think about availing of your services or visiting your website. And if you think about operating an in-house team, it will cost you a lot and you won’t be able to focus on your business’s core competence.

By outsourcing email support services, you can focus on other things that are necessary to run your business smoothly. Other than reduced costs and fast response to your customers’ queries, outsource email support services give you an edge over your competitors. Here at DataPlusValue, our chat support executives can render affordable & reliable email support services to streamline your process and improve customer services.

Why Choose DataPlusValue for Outsourcing Email Support Services?

Outsourcing has several benefits, and we learn more about you and your services to ensure that you gain those benefits. We discuss your company, process, and learn more about your customers’ nature to answer them perfectly.

Other than our expertise and technical knowledge, we are the most preferred choice for the following reasons:-

Professional Team

Being a leading outsourcing company in India, we have a professional team comprising experienced chat support executives with years of experience in offering non-voice customer support services. They can resolve your customer queries and ultimately contribute to your improved sales and overall revenue.

Flexible Packages Available

Whether you are a startup/small business or an enterprise/expanding business, we will help you with our reliable email support services. We have various packages formulated to suit your different needs, so you can choose a service according to your convenience.

Better Management & Tracking

We provide you with the flexibility to install the tracking system that your company needs. Our experts can maintain your customer follow-ups using any tool that you want.

Faster Response

We will track all emails to detect duplication to improve customer services and make sure that each of your customers is getting a satisfying answer for their query. Tracking email conversations will help us prioritize customers' replies.

To deliver these benefits, our Email Support Team works dedicatedly as per your instructions and provides valuable suggestions to improve your operations periodically. Speak to our executives for further discussion.