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Charge entry is considered to be one of the most main areas in the field of medical billing. In this charge entry process, the patient accounts that were created by hospitals are assigned with the right amount of money according to the coding and accurate fee schedule of the hospital.

These charges then decide the reimbursement amount of the service provided by the doctor or physician of the patient. Hence, it is necessary to take care of the fact that there should not be any type of charge entry error which in turn may lead to a contradiction for the claims. Along with this, having good co-ordination between the process of coding and the team that is going to do the charge entry will give more improved results.

We at DataPlusValue understand that the accuracy level of the medical billing charge entry services is also the most important part in the process of charge entry because it determines the reimbursement amount of the physician that is to be given by the insurance payer. Moreover, it is crucial that absolute attention should be provided to this step to make sure that the charges that are concluded from the coded documents are correct. All this will automatically lead to having a clean claim submitted to the payer.

If the provided document care information doesn't seem correct, it is possible that there will be a revenue leakage (amounting of money of lost revenue). By arranging an effective charge capture, with the help of workflow solutions, one can help in reducing the chances of having lost revenue.

Besides, productive collaboration between charge entry team and coding information can also result in having a sustainable improvement in the complete process of medical billing charge entry. So, in order to, have reliable medical billing charge entry services, it is best to consult our services as we have expertise in different fields, specialties and revenue cycle platforms.

We, at DataPlusValue, perform a large amount of charge entry transactions along with having a high level of accuracy in the whole process.

Charge Entry Services at DataPlusValue

We follow the best methods and practices for managing all the outsourced projects of charge entry in the best manner. The experienced and skilled experts at DataPlusValue easily execute any type of medical billing charge entry and they have the capability of working flawlessly, no matter what type of billing software your employees or your company use.

Our outsourced medical billing charge entry services include:-

  • Printing of acknowledged super bills & early information audit
  • New patient account creation
  • Quality check & audit
  • Demographic detail entry
  • Scrubbed & clean medical claim is submitted to insurance payer

Benefits of outsourcing the Charge Entry Services to DataPlusValue

  • By outsourcing the business needs such as medical billing charge entry, you can enhance the productivity level of your in-house employees, as they will have time to concentrate on other goal-oriented activities.
  • Our medical billing charge entry services can easily be counted for accuracy and consistency, as we are reliable in every aspect.
  • By consulting our medical billing charge entry services, you will be able to accelerate your claim reimbursements along with increasing the efficiency of billing charge entries.
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