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restaurant data entry servicesIn a world where everything has grown at such a high level, the restaurant business has also reached top levels in the industry. As a result, outsourcing of restaurant data entry becomes a must for the owner, as it is a time-consuming activity. We, at Dataplusvalue, make this work a lot easy and fast for you as we provide the best restaurant data entry services which in turn transfer all your tension to us. We have a team of qualified experts that look after the provided data entry task and make sure that they are continuously updating the clients with the required details.

The process according to which we work is as follows:

  • First, the client sends us all the data in the form of scanned eFax, PDFs, documents, etc.
  • Then we do the manual data entry or use OCR to transform the data into an electronic state.
  • After this, we generate output files as per the needs of our customers, which include identifying combo meals, separate menu items, restaurant specials, etc.
  • In the last step, we transform our output files in the format selected by the client whether it is CSV, MS-Excel, XML, MySQL or any other and then directly import the files into the database according to the requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small amount of invoices or thousands, we offer excellent services and assistance along with maintaining the preciseness of the output obtained. We have a team of proficient and skilled workers and editors who have taken training in doing restaurant data entry. All these things enable us to take care of the quality of our benchmarks and perform a large amount of work within the time limit given. When we provide our services to our valuable clients, we always ensure the secrecy of the client’s data.

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