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A France-Based Investment Consultancy Firm Gets Web Searching and Data Validation Services from DataPlusValue

About The Client

The Client headquarter is located in France and specializing in offering investment & mortgage consultancy service with a focus on cash-flowing assets in established and developing market places around the globe.

They provide customers with the opportunities, information and resources to make educated investment decisions.

About The Project

The client was looking for a company for web searching and data validation services that will be able to take a list of companies and create an excel spread sheet listing the companies with the details such as company address, company description, website, phone number, specific contact person details, etc. based on the information available on official website or other sources.

Apart from that validating the information of existing database needed to be done. Data must be from United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany related countries.

About The Project’s Guideline

The searching criteria for finding the more companies would be:-

  • Industry Verticals - Internet & Computer Services, Import Export, Wholesaler, Distribution, Manufacturing, Marketing and media, Financial services/banks, Mortgage
  • Estimate Net Operating Income more than or equal to $5M+ USD
  • Estimated Employees more than or equal to 30
  • Estimate Revenue more than or equal to $1M

The list of the new companies will be required to be retuned with the following information:-

  • Company Details: Company Address, Company Description, Website, Phone Number, Industry Type, Net Operating Income, Estimated Employees, Estimate Revenue
  • Contact Person’s Details: Contact Name, Contact Title, Contact’s Email, LinkedIn Profile, if available

About The Challenges We Faced

The big challenge we encountered during the deliverance of web searching service was to find the details of the specific companies and contact person details based on the given Industry related keywords.

How DataPlusValue Executed The Project

As we discussed the project requirement on the conference call with the client. The client provided us a excel sheet containing a list of companies and the next task was to append the existing database by adding more company details through online search.

Our web searching specialists did a wonderful job and processed the data effectively and accurately by adopting the following steps:-

  • Our web researchers went to company’s official website first and also looked into other sources available on web for fining the details of the companies available in existing database. Once the company has met all of the necessary requirements then they captured the information in excel.
  • Our web researchers used the different applications such as LinkedIn sales navigator to identify decision makers like CEO. to determine email address format, etc.
  • They used neverbounce to validate the email address(s)

We also helped the client get rid of several duplicate entries that were available in the database and thus reduced the cost of data management.

What Were The Results?

At the end of the project, we delivered exceptionally efficient and 100% accurate web searching and data validation services comprising over 50,000 records focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and consistency.

The client saved 65% in overhead costs by choosing DataPlusValue as an outsourcing web searching and data validation partner. In addition, delegating this important task allowed them to keep their in-house teams focused on growth-oriented tasks. DataPlusValue also got the benefit of gaining experience in database building process.

The client was happy with our services and has chosen to keep us on-board to continuing insuring the integrity of their database. At the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing web searching and data validation services to us was a wise one.

If you are looking for the best company that could offer reliable and timely web searching and data validation services, then contact us.


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