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A Leading Real Estate Dealer Gets Real Estate Property Listing and Customization / Migration Services from DataPlusValue

About The Client

The Client is based in New York, USA and major player in Real Estate and Mortgage Industry and specializing in offering the access to premium Commercial real estate listings throughout New York and Long Island’s districts. Client’s website allows you to easily search property listings and includes a large inventory of commercial properties that match your space, zoning and location needs.

About The Project’s Requirement

It was instructed us to find and update the following fields:-

  • Property Details: Property’s Description, Property Image, Property status, No. of Stories, Building Class, Building sq. ft., Lot Size, Ceiling Height, Type, Year built, Parking, Docks, Property’s Income, Rental Information
  • Owner Details: Owner’s Name, Phone Number, Email and Address

The Special instructions were given for REAL ESTATE PHOTO/IMAGE

  • To capture 1 main image and other images with different view of the same property.
  • All the property’s Image should be in same size and unwanted things needs to be removed or repaired from the image such as removal the dustin, sky and glass change, image enhancement, fixing the wall peel off etc.

Apart from that it was requested us to:

Database Migration and Customization According to New Theme in WordPress Platform

  • To move all the data from old database to new domain.
  • To change the banner of the home page and set the logo.
  • To customize the print flyer with the logo, phone number, property picture, property description, and details.
  • To add Map-Box module to show street view and Google map.
  • Adding the "submit offer" and "set up showing" button etc.

About The Challenges We Faced

The major challenge we encountered during the real estate data entry listing and data mining services was to carry out immense online search to find and update the details of property. The main challenge for our real estate editing professionals was to change the look of the property’s image and make the sky and glass clear in the Image.

How DataPlusValue Executed The Project

We discussed the project requirements with the client and then formed the plan of action, which they approved before we started. We were given access to the client’s CRM along with a unique set of instructions.

Client had provided us some links of the website where some information of the properties was available already and to get the rest of the information which was not available there such as image , description etc. our data mining specialists gone through other sources of properties and captured the information directly into the CRM.

Our Real Estate Content writer had re-written the description part of the property to make the description data unique. As Unique data always helps to promote the service in Search Engines Platform.

Our Real Estate Photo Editing Artists did a wonderful job to make the photo better by adding some touch-ups where it was required. They cleaned the glass and wall color in the Image. Changed the image of Sky to Blue Sky.

In order to deliver this project efficiently, we had to create a custom plan to meet the necessities of the client. Our team carried out extensive analysis to understand the areas where improvement was necessary.

What Were The Results?

At the end of the project, we delivered exceptionally efficient and 99.99% accurate real estate listing and data mining services comprising over 25,000 individual entries focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness and consistency.

The client saved 60% in overhead costs by choosing DataPlusValue as an outsourcing partner. In addition, delegating this important task allowed them to keep their in-house teams focused on growth-oriented tasks. DataPlusValue also got the benefit of gaining knowledge in Real Estate Industry.

The client was happy with our services and at the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing real estate data entry listing to us was nice one.

If you are in quest of the best company that could offer reliable and timely real estate data listing, data mining and photo editing services, then contact us.


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