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DataPlusValue Provided PDF Conversion, Word Formatting and Data Extraction Services to a Public Sector Software Solutions Company

About The Client

The Client is based in USA and specializing in offering the digital apps and creates online PDF forms according to industry needs. They create a mobile-friendly digital solution equipped to assist law enforcement agencies and government body officials.

They are located in multiple locations – United States, Canada and Philippines.

About The Project

The client was looking for MS-Word formatting and PDF conversion services for an on-going process. They wanted us to make the compatible PDF file by creating the Word File so that it can run in their online or mobile app. Most of the Raw PDFs were related to Law enforcement agencies, Education sector (e.g. Schools, Colleges), Public Sector etc.

The client further explained us that PDF files are not in good condition that needs to be converted in Word and then PDF file according to the instructions provided.

About The Project’s Guideline

As per the guideline provided, raw PDFs need to be converted into the Editable PDF Form so that user can fill the information directly into the PDF file and can save it. All the equations need to be re-created by using the equation editor option in MS-Word for the education sector PDF files.

Some PDF files would be in German or French language that needs to be converted into the same language and also needs to be taken care about the special characters.

About The Challenges We Faced

The major challenge we encountered during the Word formatting, PDF Conversion and Data Capturing/Extraction services was to adjust entire text of PDF (8.5 x 11 Inch Layout) to word (4.5 x Inch Layout) and to extract the data from the Image PDF file.

How DataPlusValue Executed The Project

In order to execute this complex work formatting task, we discussed the project requirements with the client and then formed the plan of action, which they approved before we started. We were shared some raw PDF files via email for converting into the word format.

Our word formatting and Data Extraction experts did a fabulous job that helped us in gaining the confidence of the client and converted this project in on-going basis.

Here are some points which we did follow in the PDF conversion process:-

Data Capturing/Extraction Task

  • Data Extractions: Our data capturing/extraction professionals used the latest technology/tools or manual process when required for extracting the text from the Image PDF files and putted it into the MS-Word file.
  • Proofreading of Extracted Data: Once we got the data in MS-Word then our data extraction team performed proofreading thoroughly by comparing the text with source PDF file.

Word Formatting/Processing Task

  • Our Data formatting specialists received the row file from the Data Extraction team and started making the formatting according to the source file provided.
  • Our specialists took care the following things:-
    • Making the Table of Content dynamic in order to manage the Heading’s Page Number automatically.
    • Making the equations through the equation editor in Word File.
    • Keeping the paragraphs and text consistent by using the Indentation/Alignment option.
    • Inserted the bullet points by using the bullet option.
    • Keeping the Font Size, formatting of Body text, Headings etc. consistent throughout the document.
    • Creating the table if it’s coming in the source page.
    • Inserting the Footnote and Endnote.
    • Fixing the Line Breaks.
    • Inserting the Columns within the page as per the source.
    • Inserting the Footer, Header and Automatic Page Numbering in the bottom of the MS-Word page.
    • Keeping the text bold, italic, Underline, Super-Script and Sub-Script as per the source.

At the end of the process, Our PDF Form Building experts converted the final word file back into PDF and converted the PDF file into editable form by inserting the Text Box, Check Box or Ratio Button where required, Digital Signature etc. in the PDF file itself.

What Were The Results?

We delivered exceptionally efficient and 100% accurate Data Extraction and Word formatting services comprising over thousands of PDF files focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and consistency. That was important due to the complex nature of the data.

The client saved 70% in overhead costs by choosing DataPlusValue as an outsourcing PDF Conversion and Word Formatting partner. The client is happy with our services and has chosen to keep us on-board to continuing insuring the integrity of their conversion work. At the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing PDF Conversion, Word Formatting and Editable PDF form services to us was a wise one.

If you are interested in the same service and looking for a company that could offer reliable and timely PDF Conversion/Word Formatting Services, then contact us.


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