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About The Client

The Client is based in Europe region and major player in Gaming & Entertainment Industry specializing in offering the Digital Gaming Products through online store. They are located in multiple locations – North & South America, Europe and Poland.

They offer different games ranging from PC to console, offered by hundreds merchants and games available with all genres and support to different platform as suitable for gamers, also available software, Top-Ups, Gift Cards for Amazon, Skype, iTunes, Google Play and, etc.

About The Project

The client wanted immense product listing, data mining and Photo Editing services for adding the 30,000 products template for Digital games on their online portal. Most of them products were steam games, software, prepaid cards, etc.

They contacted us by explaining the number of instances of Low quality image of the products, less description available for the product, duplicate product, Missing information in existing products like Genres, Region, Language, PlayStation Name, Game Type (DLC or Game) etc. so they decided to clean and update its existing product listing and adding new product listing into their portal.

About The Project’s Guideline

Here is the list of instructions that needed to be followed:-

  • Product ID must be unique for each product.
  • Product Title must be in the format of [Game Name – Game Edition, Name of PlayStation - Region]
  • Product Description
    • Gathering the description of the product from the competitor or Brand website and then re-write the short description and long description of the product in own words.
    • To avoid the extra “space” or “enters” in the text.
    • To Use as many bullet forms as possible.
    • Removing the textual error from the description.
    • All the text should be in HTML coding.
  • Product Image
    • Adding more than 3 images of the product without any trademarks or watermarks
    • Saving the images with their Unique Product ID.
    • To make sure all images should be in same size with high resolution.
  • Price: Adding the price by searching the same product on competitor websites.
  • Released Date: Entering the release date of the game by searching the same product on competitor websites or brand website.
  • Platform: Picking a correct platform for the game.
  • Cart Warning: Entering the information about the game region so that customers see before placing the order.
  • Game Genre: Entering the correct genres for the game.
  • Region: Entering the correct Region for the game.

About The Challenges We Faced

The major challenge we encountered during the product listing, Data Mining and Photo editing services was to carry out immense online search to find and update the details of game, software, Top-Ups, Gift Cards in the database.

How DataPlusValue Executed The Project

We discussed the project requirements with the client and then formed the plan of action, which they approved before we started. We were given access to the client’s Online Portal along with a unique set of instructions.

Once we understood the requirements, we formed a team and assigned the responsibilities to each group of team as follow:-

Here are some points which we did follow in the process:-

  • Project Manager: Assigned Project Manager was involved in this project from initial stage and was single point of Contact for the Client. He was responsible for each actions and Plans that been executed by the team for making this project successful.
  • Data Mining Specialists: This team was responsible to find correct information of the Products. Our experts gone through the online sources and collected the product description and images. As it was impossible to find all the information in one place or website so our data Mining experts looked into multiple online sources to collect the required fields such as language, region, release date, platform, genre etc. in excel file.
  • Experienced Content Writers: Content writer experts were responsible for short and long description writing for the products. They re-written the description part of the product to avoid the copywriter issue captured by the data mining team.
  • Professional Photo Editors: Photo editing team was responsible to Image retouching, Cut-Out, Resizing and removal the background of the image.
  • Product Listing Specialists: Our product listing specialists gathered all the information and uploaded into the database of the client by following the instructions provided by the client.

Since the client wanted us to deliver the project quickly and had limited budget, we had to create a custom plan to meet the necessities of the client, quicken the process of data clean up and offer exceptional accuracy with all data mining services delivered.

We also helped the client get rid of several duplicate entries that were available in the database and thus reduced the cost of record management. Our team carried out extensive analysis to understand the areas where improvement was necessary.

What Were The Results?

At the end of the project, we delivered exceptionally efficient and 100% accurate product listing and data mining services comprising over 30,000 individual entries focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and consistency. That was important due to the complex nature of the data.

The client saved 70% in overhead costs by choosing DataPlusValue as an outsourcing partner. In addition, delegating this important task allowed them to keep their in-house teams focused on growth-oriented tasks. DataPlusValue also got the benefit of gaining experience in Digital Market.

At the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing product listing, data mining, etc. services to us was nice one.

If you are in quest of the best company that could offer reliable and timely product listing and data mining services, then contact us.


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