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Hospitality & Travel Company Gets Data Mining and Photo Editing Services for Entering the Multiple Hotel’s Information in Back-End

About The Client

The Client is based in Florida, USA and specializing in providing a one-stop search for Individual as well as group of people who are searching for an accommodation (hotel room) to stay during their travel, vacation or business trip.

The Client’s website allows group/individual to plan, manage and organize their travel as per their need and convenience through one platform.

About The Project

The Client wanted immense web research/data mining/photo editing services to find information for the hotels to add into his online portal for which he contacted us and explained their requirements.

Client’s website had already some hotels listed with less information such as missing image of the hotel, address, room’s details, etc. The duplicate entries were also available which needed to be identified and removed.

So, they decided to clean, add and update the data of hotels into their database.

About The Challenges We Faced

The major challenges we encountered during the project execution was to carry out immense online search to find and update the details of the hotel and their images. This would aid the client to bolster the effectiveness of marketing efforts and target the right audience.

How DataPlusValue Executed The Project

Once we understood the client’s requirements, we planned to make a small sample for the project with 2-3 team members. We sent that sample to the client to check.

Once client passed it, we discussed the project requirements with the client and then formed the plan of action, which they approved before we started. We were given access to the client’s Online Portal along with a unique set of instructions.

Our data mining specialists added and updated the hotel’s information such as hotel address and phone, description, image, details of room, etc. through online search. Our photo editor specialists made the image of the hotel attractive.

We helped the client get rid of several duplicate entries that were available in the database and thus reduced the cost of record management.

Since the client wanted us to deliver the project quickly and had limited budget, we had to create a custom plan to meet the necessities of the client, quicken the process of data clean up and offer exceptional accuracy with all data scrubbing services delivered.

Our team carried out extensive analysis to understand the areas where improvement was necessary.

What Were The Results?

At the completion of the project, we delivered exceptionally efficient and 100% accurate data to the client comprising over 50,000 individual hotel’s entries focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and consistency. That was important due to the complex nature of the data.

The client saved 70% in overhead costs by choosing us as an outsourcing data entry partner. In addition, delegating this important task allowed them to keep their in-house teams focused on growth-oriented tasks. DataPlusValue also got the benefit of gaining experience in tourism and hospitality industry.

The client was happy with our services and has chosen to keep us on-board to continuing ensuring the integrity of their database. At the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing data cleansing services to us was a wise one.

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Client Location

Client Location
United States

Business Model

Business Model
Dedicated Team

Services Used

Services Used
Photo Editing, Data Mining

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