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Chemical and Metal Solutions Company Gets DataPlusValue to transform Paper Based Multilingual Research Materials

About The Client

The Client is based in central europe region and major player in chemical and digital metal materials industry and specializing in supporting the metal engineering profession and provides a unique tool for helping them.

They are located in multiple locations – Germany, London, Dubai, Australia, Canada, USA and, Hungary.

About The Project’s Requirement

The Client was looking for an outsource data entry partner to transform thousands of multilingual language paper based metal materials related tables to excel sheets that they can digitally process further.

The task was to convert the data available in PDF, JPEG and TIFF files into the excel-spread sheet without any change in format. The client was expecting a favourable price with the combination of OCR + manual processing / quality control and 100% accuracy in transforming the chemical formulas in excel.

The client stated in the initial email that they will provide us 100 pages first and once we gets satisfy with the quality of the data then only he will hand over the all the 5000 pages to us.

About The Project’s Guideline

  • In the source page, the data was available in three languages: German, French and English that needed to be extracted in excel in same format.
  • While converting the chemical formulas or Metal materials, Super-Script and Sub-Script needed to be taken care.
  • If any footnote given that also needed to be included in end of the each table.
  • All extracted text in excel should be in Arial font with 12 font size.

About The Challenges We Faced

The major challenge we encountered during the data extraction and data entry services was to fetch the data from the Poor quality PDFs and Blur Images like JPEG and TIFF format. There were number of columns in the table containing the text, numerical values, special characters, Super-Script, Sub-Script, Footnote and endnote and all the data needed to be inputted into the correct columns with 100% accuracy and efficiency.

As data was not in readable format so it was another challenge for us to punch entire text manually and to enter special characters from the symbol option of excel which was coming in german and french language.

How DataPlusValue Executed The Project

Considering the importance and security of the data, we were given the source files through secure FTP transfer with some set of instructions.

Here are some highlights on the steps, we taken for making this project successful:-

  • Setup a Manager and Team: We assigned an experienced manager in this process and involved our experienced/professional data entry experts who worked under the supervisor of their project manager.
  • Training Section: Before setting up the team to live job, we setup a training session with the team members and explained each and every step to them and asked them to convert some pages in excel.
  • Production with Double Key Method: Our data entry specialists did process the source pages in the excel format by following the given guideline. In order to ensuring the 100% quality in the data, we did follow the double key method so that we can minimize the error ratio.
  • QA Team: Our QA team checked the data processed by the data input team. Mainly focusing on the special characters that were coming in the French and German language, they also checked some portion of the data thoroughly so that they can be sure about the quality of the text.
  • Prepared a Check list: While checking the data by the QA team, they prepared a check list of the repetitive errors found in the data processed by the data team.
  • Feedback given to Data Entry Team: Our QA team shared the feedback with the production team and also discussed about the errors found in the process. In that way, our data entry specialists could be able to improve the data quality.
  • Processed Files sent to Client: We sent the processed files to client after ensuring the quality of the data.

What Were The Results?

At the end of the project, we delivered remarkably efficient and 100% accurate data extraction service comprising over 2,50,000 individual entries focusing on accuracy, uniformity, comprehensiveness, and consistency.

The client saved 75% in overhead costs by choosing DataPlusValue as an outsourcing pdf conversion partner. The client was happy with our service and at the end, our uncompromised service deliverance made the client realize that the decision of outsourcing data entry process to us was a wise one.

If you are in quest of the best company that could offer reliable and timely data entry and data extraction services, then contact us.


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