Amazon Seller Search: How to Monitor Competitors’ Strategies and Stay Ahead of Them in The Market

In this fiercely competitive world of online merchandising, it is important to keep an eye on the activities of your competitors to dominate the market. And this statement is completely relatable when we are talking about online platforms like Amazon, where several sellers are seeking the customer’s attention.

Amazon Seller Search is among the powerful tools that help you in spying your competitors and gain insights about their performance and strategies. No matter if you are looking for any particular product for selling on Amazon, or looking for details on any brand or seller, Amazon guides you with every essential detail for understanding the searching methods.

And through this blog, we shall go through every method for finding a seller on Amazon.

So, are you ready to take note of all those ways to find sellers on Amazon? Here we go!

Amazon Seller – Why Do You Need Him?

Nearly every business is aware of their challengers, however, they avoid getting into conflicts with them. Sometimes the companies also lack the required time for competitor analysis. But if you are looking forward to expanding the business, analyzing the competitors is an inevitability.

Before moving to any other details about how to find a seller on Amazon, it is important to understand why and when businesses need to contact an Amazon seller. Here are some reasons to convince you.

  • Brand Alliance
    Most of the time, companies contact Amazon sellers for product collaboration. The reason behind such collaboration can be cross-promotions, joint marketing benefits, or even product bundling. Brand alliance improves the chances of getting new customers, achieving long-term productivity, and increasing overall sales.
  • Product Exposure and Wholesale Analyses
    Thinking of introducing your product in the market? Or want to expand your products to a new market? Well, no matter what your requirement is, getting in touch with an Amazon seller would surely invite new possibilities for your products, market, and wholesale inquiries. Such communications have always benefited businesses looking for some expansion into various new fortes within the Amazon market.
  • Situational Analysis
    Amazon is among the most competitive markets and sellers communicate with competitors or other sellers to get important details like the latest market trends, pricing strategies, product listing, etc. Such information helps the sellers make conversant decisions and prepare their strategies for additional success on Amazon.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    When a seller thinks that some other seller is infringing the copyrights, patents, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights of the company, he might think of looking for an Amazon seller. In such a situation, the seller needs to interact with the seller to inform them about the breach and request them to stop doing so. If they don’t agree with it, the seller can also take legal action against the breaching company or seller. All these are done to secure the brand integrity and intellectual property for a fairly competitive market.
  • Resolving Order Concerns
    The platform of Amazon is widely used by sellers to resolve order issues and other customer order issues. Some issues included in this category are customer disputes, incorrect listing of products, shipping errors, etc. To enhance smooth operations and encourage customer satisfaction, it is important to have operative problem-solving and communication practices which is possible with the Amazon marketplace.

Henceforth, these were some essential reasons why companies look for sellers on Amazon.

Different Ways of Searching for an Amazon Seller

How to search for a seller on Amazon? Is this what you are searching for on the search engines? We have all your answers here.

When talking about dominating the Amazon market, simply listing the products wouldn’t give you the desired sales. It is important to understand the competitors and the market and look for different ways to discriminate yourself from the list.

Let’s break down different ways of looking for an Amazon seller.

How to Identify the Amazon Seller or Store

Looking for the store of the product or seller is the easiest and most opted method of looking for an Amazon seller. To follow this method, you need to visit Amazon’s official website and select the particular products. Next, click on the product listing and you will be directed to the page of the product.

From here, you shall be able to get every detail about the Amazon seller or store.

1. Follow the steps below to find a store on Amazon:

  • Go to the page of the product you are interested in
  • Check below the product title and look for a hyperlink in blue
  • The store name of the seller would be visible here (see image below)
amazon brand name

2. Follow the steps below to find a seller on a product page:

  • Go to the product page and check on the right-hand side for the option ‘Add to Cart’ from where you can add the product to your shopping cart
  • Below that option, look for the words ‘Sold by
  • The name of the seller would be mentioned next to those words (see image below)

For more details about the seller, simply click on the phrase and you shall get complete details about the seller. (see image below)

3. How to Use the Amazon Search Bar

The Search Bar is the next option for looking for a seller on the Amazon market. Here is how you can use it for searching a seller on Amazon.

  • Visit the official website of Amazon (
  • On the top of the homepage, look for the protruding search bar
  • In the search bar, type the name of the seller you are looking for (make sure you enter the accurate spelling of the seller)
  • Click on ‘Search‘ button or press “Enter

Once you click, the search algorithm of Amazon will display a list of various names based on the name of the seller. It should be noted that the results would include various products and might not include the name of the seller you might be looking for. (see image below)

search bar option

4. How to Find Someone’s Amazon Storefront

Many times sellers use storefront names that are interesting, striking, and appealing. This can help search for the seller. If you are not aware of the name of the seller, or even if you don’t remember it, you can use the storefront name for Amazon seller lookup. Here is how you can use this method.

  • On the homepage of Amazon, reach the “URL” on the “search bar
  • At the end of the URL, add the phrase, ‘/shops/’ followed by the storefront name you want to search
  • Once you enter the URL, press ‘Enter

Once you press Enter, you shall be redirected to the seller’s page. (see image below)

All the above-mentioned methods would help you reach the storefront of the seller along with other interesting details related to the seller and their products. The storefront of the seller would give the details of all the products listed by the seller on Amazon with an all-inclusive view of the inventory. The reviews and ratings of the seller will also be revealed here based on the feedback given by various customers. This would give you a complete review of the customer satisfaction level and reputation of the seller. Other information you shall get about the seller includes contact details, shipping and return policies, deals or promotions offered, etc.

5. Browsing the Department Seller Listings

The next alternative in the list is browsing the department for sellers. Let’s see how to search for the seller by browsing the department list.

  • Go to the homepage of
  • On the left-hand sidebar, look for the option ‘Shop by Department’. This option helps you browse particular products with the help of particular departments or categories
shop by department
  • Select the department that resembles the product type you are looking for
  • Once you have selected the department, strangulate your search with a sub-category. In this way, you can easily identify products that match the product you are searching for.
categories list
  • Once your search begins, you shall visualize a page that displays various products as per your search criteria in the department selected
  • On the sidebar on the left side, look for the section ‘Featured Brands
select brand
  • Below the section, you shall get the list of brands or sellers related to the products in the search results
  • Give Click on boxes beside their names to refine the search results and view the products completely of selected brands or sellers

By following these easy steps, one can accurately search the sellers on Amazon based on exact brand names and product departments. This method is very effective when you are searching for particular brands or sellers within a particular category or product, improving your aptitude for searching for interested products.

How to Contact an Amazon Seller

How to find seller on Amazon’, are you still thinking of this? Here is the answer to all your questions in the form of simple steps.

  • Go to the item’s product page to get the details of the seller
  • Select one method from the list given above to search for the name of the seller and visit the profile of the seller
  • On the seller’s page or profile, look for the button or option ‘Ask a question
contact amazon seller
  • Click on the option and compose your query or message for the seller
  • Write your message in the message window for the seller and click on ‘Send Message’. The message needs to be to the point and concise
  • Once you send the message, wait for the response from the seller

The response from the seller would be available on the messaging system of the Amazon account. You can also continue the discussion or write a review here.

By following these easy steps, one can easily reach an Amazon seller to seek help, ask questions, and report any concerns, etc. about the products or services.

Conclusion of Amazon Seller Analysis

Want to improve your business on Amazon? If yes, Amazon seller analysis is something you can’t surely ignore. With the help of all these searching, browsing, and link-clicking methods, you can easily track your competitor or seller on Amazon to make smart selling choices.

Now, How Can DataPlusValue Help You With This Task?

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