How To Optimize Your eBay Listings For Increased Sales

eBay is considered as one of the most highly visited e-commerce websites and with millions of customers worldwide, the e-tailer giant has r-reworked strategies several times. If you are listed on eBay as a seller and if you are looking to increase sales, then it would help you to get a better understanding of the change made by the e-tailer way back in 2013. This change would affect the buyer-seller relationship on eBay forever.

Customers had wizened up and they no longer relied on customer feedback and seller ratings and have begun to trust their own judgement more. They went by the value they perceived from the products they chose to buy. With his huge shift, eBay decided it was time for an overhaul and change in its operations and this has led to the launch of eBay’s new search engine Cassini. The previous eBay search engine, Voyager was predicated to sellers who used it to post multiple listings of the same product.

On the other hand, Cassini focused primarily on the customer aiming to offer him a targeted shopping experience. This was achieved by providing him relevant and important content in the listings such as product description, title, pictures and item specifications. The customers were also offered best sales and prices from the top rated and highly trusted sellers online. The search engine aimed at offering the customers an improved customer experience through high accuracy in search listings. You can even Outsource eBay Listing Services for your company at an affordable price and they would do all the hard work for you.

The launch of Cassini was not very great for sellers as they saw a dip in their sales value as well a loss in their loss rankings. This primarily was because old-school tactics like keyword stuffing and multiple listings were penalized.

Today, if you want to rank high on eBay then you need to employ the services of an eBay listing service to optimize your product listings and these are some of the ways to do that:

  • Eye on competitor feedbacks and reviews: The key is to stand out from your competition and you must keep an eye out for brands offering similar products and their customer interactions.
  • Listen to your customers and sell to them: In today’s e-commerce world customer is king. The sellers who hear their customers and listen to their needs while preparing product listings will eventually beat their competition.
  • Control your pricing: eBay allows customers to bid and pay their best price for products sold. Also, profit margins keep varying for drop shippers which means that the wholesale price remains constant. This means your profit margin will be very low and you could counter that by offering a fixed “buy it now” price or by setting a reserve price which is the lowest possible bid.
  • Perfect picture listings: A sure shot way of boosting sales is by posting targeted images that show exactly what you are offering, and the great thing is that eBay allows 12 images per product. Use a good quality camera and high-resolution images with sizes between 500 to 1600 pixels for great looking pictures.
  • Give customers overall value: If you want to stay aboard then you need to structure your pricing strategy to appease your customers by letting them perceive a higher value in your product as compared to others.
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