Essential Features of an Amazon Product Listing

A product listing considered as more than a way of providing your products onto the Amazon marketplace. Product listings can also be termed as tool that you utilize to increase your sales.

Product Title

The product title in an Amazon Product Listing should be up to 500 characters (with some products it could be 250 characters), so there is lot of space to get into detail. In fact, various product titles on Amazon are listed like mini descriptions related to the product. In maximum cases, the more information you provide, the better. You must include the main keyword of the product as close to the beginning of the title as possible. You should also cover all the relevant elements like as product name, brand, color, size, type, model number etc.

Product Description 

A description may not be as important as bullet points, it has still relevance. It lets you provide more information related to the product and consider your keywords. While writing your product description, think about the customer. What is the information they would like to know?

Product Image 

An Amazon product listing must have minimum of five images of the product. There must be different variety of images too, including images that shows the product’s size as well as the product used. Displaying various angles of the product and its packaging also helps. Along with this it is necessary to follow Amazon’s requirements related to images.

Product Bullet Points 

Below the product options, price and shipping details of an Amazon product listing’s page are various bullet points. The appropriate way to use this section is to display the product’s various benefits and features. You must write these using as many secondary keywords as possible. Consider that this part of the listing could be more important than the entire product description. It is due to the position this appears on the page, i.e. just close to the price, images, price, and add to Cart button.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Product reviews and ratings are other essential attributes of a product listing, although they are things on which you do not have much control. You should not ignore them, however, as they reflect your buying decisions. In other terms, if you receive good product ratings and reviews, you can sell more on Amazon.

This process generally takes time mostly delivering high-quality products as well as an excellent level of service. Some things that you can do get good reviews and ratings is to be in touch with your customers about their order, properly test your procedures to make sure they are up to standard, and focus on the customer reviews, mainly the bad ones. Generally it is tough, but bad reviews could highlight something that you can help you to improve to prevent the same type of bad review happening in the future.

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