Top 10 Accounting Software for Small Businesses 2024

Recording financial transactions and handling finances is one of the crucial facets of any business. When companies grow, the financial transactions and other data related to them also increase, and hence, it becomes difficult to handle them. Fortuitously, with the encroachment in digitalization and automation, many administrators and business owners can now work with cloud-based solutions such as bookkeeping software that helps in managing daily finances.

Bookkeeping business software not only helps in recording financial transactions but also helps employees upgrade their accounting skills and improve the customer satisfaction level. The clients receive current technologies and trends in accounting and finance which helps in the overall development of the business.

This blog will compute the best bookkeeping software that boosts advanced financial monitoring and data entry in any business. The post would also inspire financial practitioners to espouse new accounting and bookkeeping technologies.

So, keep scrolling to check on the list of best accounting software for bookkeepers trending in 2024.

1. NetSuite

One of the globally accepted accounting software, NetSuite ERP provides multiple accounting functionalities. The software allows the user to enter paid transactions automatically in the journals. It merges multiple briefings into a single payment process or invoice. Users obtain simplified charts of various accounts which makes monitoring the accounts easier. With features like multi-book, the software reduces adjustments and duplicates and aids flexible payroll payment schemes. Bookkeepers can also connect the software with multiple bank accounts to obtain immediate reconciliations with the help of the mobile application. It offers various applications particularly designed to streamline and automate business processes, advance customer journeys, and increase information access.

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Here are the pros and cons of NetSuite ERP software one should consider before using it.

It serves with a supply chain that is visible and easily manageable.Provides limited basic support, as one needs to pay for additional support.
The modeling capabilities of the software help businesses with accurate forecasts to analyze various financial situations effectively.Customizing reports is a little tricky for non-technical users.
Reduces the chances of errors in calculations as it supports automated data entries or input.It can be a difficult setup for companies that have zero experience in using accounting software.
It is a complete package for bookkeepers with features like expense tracking, document management, report generation, transaction recording, and much more.Technical issues, reporting concerns, and other glitches can disturb the entire business process leading to losses.
NetSuite ERP is a platform that serves as an intuitive and robust financial management solution for businesses, however, it needs an accounting professional.

2. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the most reliable accounting software for bookkeepers. The software is very popular among small organizations as it offers various subscription levels along with an affordable monthly cost offer suitable for small businesses. The software offers operative reporting functions, automatic import of bank transactions, personalized options, endless settings, and much more essential for small business bookkeeping. The businesses also have the option to upgrade their subscriptions according to their business growth. QuickBooks Online is the ultimate solution for all business needs that offers payroll and payment processing services.

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Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of QuickBooks Online software.

Serves with a robust functionality among other Cloud-based software.Might be expensive for a long-term subscription.
It is easy to use and has a new and operational dashboard.The ‘Combined reporting’ feature needs certain changes for better functionality.
Can be used on multiple locations, different platforms, and any computer device.The payroll product feature isn’t recommendable.
The software can easily be used on any mobile device.
The software offers the accountants an opportunity to become the QuickBooks ProAdvisor network’s member, which would also help small businesses find a loyal and trusted advisor free of cost. However, it should be known that QuickBooks is no longer available in India and France.

3. Sage Intacct

Yet another accounting and financial management software based on Cloud, Sage Intacct is a software suitable for small to mid-sized accounting businesses. Apart from serving with operational insights and financial reports, the software assists with the ability to automate precarious financial processes. The software is capable of managing every important financial service that helps in the implementation of Sage Intacct software. The users, finance team, or accounting department can enjoy important accounting applications like accounts payable, general ledger, cash management, order management, and accounts receivable.

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Here is the list of the pros and cons of Sage Intacct.

The software provides amazing Salesforce integration facilities revealing good contracts and opportunities.The software is comprehensible to faults which can prove to be expensive for the businesses.
It provides various amazing functions, webinars, and customer service for regular updates.Rectification of errors is a little tricky as returning to the original entry and changing numbers is difficult.
The software makes tracking and maintaining fixed assets effective and stress-free.The error codes fail to explain the reason or place where the error took place. Hence, tracking the error is difficult.
Sage Intacct is henceforth a suitable and affordable software for every business size that allows monitoring of cash management without the need for any third-party application. The software is available worldwide apart from countries like North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, and Syria. For Ukraine and Russia, internal approval is necessary for any direct or indirect use of the software.

4. Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is among the least-known bookkeeping software available in the accounting market. The main attraction of this software is that it is completely free. The software might not be influential compared to other software available in the market, yet it serves with reporting functions and automatic import functions for bank transactions. The software also allows payment and payroll processing options to the users. The software also provides an auto-sending feature for invoices to repeat customers and bills.

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Following are the advantages and disadvantages of this accounting software.

It is one of the accounting software based on the Cloud.The customer support is very poor.
Users can easily create and send reports and invoices from anywhere. They can also access required information and manage multiple businesses from any location and single login.No matter what work you are willing to do, you need to have an internet connection to update the accounts and the offline version isn’t available.
Collecting payments and working on various bookkeeping services is easy.The number of webinars or tutorials is very low.
Invoices created have a professional outlook, are easy to update and edit, and are quick to track.The users have to search online for third-party tutorials for setting up the program.
Accountants and bookkeepers can also join the Wave Pro Network available with Wave Accounting. It also makes monitoring payments from clients done through mobile applications. The users also need to make a note that the old version of Wave is available in countries including the EU, UK, Canada, and the US. While the upgraded version Wave Pro is limited to Canada and the US only.

5. ZarMoney

ZarMoney is a promising SaaS accounting solution where users can enjoy features like billing, invoicing, e-commerce functionality, income and expense tracking, inventory management, financial reporting, payments, and much more. The software is counted among certain accounting packages that very well work for small businesses, enterprises, or freelancers. The software simplifies the management of essential financial tasks. No doubt, the software features are beneficial for e-commerce and retail businesses, its functions are still helpful in managing the financial transactions of any business sector. The software is available in three different subscriptions without any add-ons for every business type in Canada and the USA.

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Let’s take a quick look at the benefits and disadvantages of ZarMoney.

The software helps users with remarkable reporting capabilities.The software cannot be used on mobile phones as the mobile app isn’t available.
The software provides the facility to connect to more than 9500 banks globally.The software doesn’t provide a free continual option.
Various third-party integrations are available including Zapier.The feature of cash-basis reporting isn’t included in the software.
ZarMoney is henceforth a bookkeeping software suitable to nearly every business size. The exclusive offer covers not only bookkeeping but various other features the businesses can benefit from.

6. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is one of the oldest and best software for bookkeeping business. It is one of the cheapest accounting software. It serves with unlimited admittance to invoices that helps the user manage around 5 clients at a time. It also provides phone support, a facility for supporting credit cards, and unlimited email. The software is also useful for online invoicing and time-tracking services. The users can customize the settings for manual or automated accomplishments as needed. It also allows assimilation with various payment applications for suave transactions. Users can also use the mobile application to link payments for particular invoices with ease.

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Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the software one should learn before using it.

Satisfactory customer service, auto-pay functions, and API support.The feature of bank reconciliation is missing.
The software is easy to use and much more effective compared to some of the latest software.At times, the command-line interface is difficult to understand for certain things that are rarely used.
Functions like automating reminders and processing payments through credit cards are performed very well.When upgraded the last time, various features were eliminated, and hence, the software became a little complicated to use.
The software has the capability of accepting payments automatically. It also sends invoices routinely and tracks as well as assigns projects to clients.Synchronizing the software with iPad and certain other devices is somewhat tricky.
Freshbooks is an ideal software for businesses that send bills or invoices to clients frequently like on an hourly basis, in 15-minute raises, etc. Freshbooks is currently available in 160 countries including Australia, Canada, European Union, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK, and the US.

7. BUSY Accounting Software

BUSY is one of the unified accounting software particularly designed for small, micro, and medium-sized businesses located in more than 20 countries including India, Middle East Asia, South Asia, and Africa. It is the ultimate solution for all the business’s payroll and financial requirements. Some of the features the software is popular for include multi-currency support, multi-location inventory, aids in making conversant decisions, and order processing abilities. It is an ideal software for retail, FMCG, trading and distribution, and manufacturing businesses. Users also receive regular updates which ensures it supports the latest security standards.

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Take a quick look at its pros and cons to understand the software properly.

The software is quite obsolete, yet it keeps the users updated with the latest security trends.The software is deployed in a Windows environment, which makes the hosting cost higher.
Reporting is very striking, exportable, and customizable even if Excel formats are used.The features related to trading transactions need some improvements.
Makes managing accounts easier along with other business activities.Users aren’t allowed to download transactions directly from the banks.
BUSY accounting software helps with features like strict GST rules, inventory management, taxation, checks and control, and much more that has helped bookkeepers to a great extent in managing accounts.

8. Botkeeper

Botkeeper is an accounting software that uses AI along with manual assistance for an efficient and affordable bookkeeping process. This advanced software gives a consolidated vision to the businesses for every client effectively. The software works with a combination of both manual assistance and AI for all the mathematical work, hence, it eliminates the chances of any kind of errors. Botkeeper organizes every transaction automatically, and the information is also transferred to the general ledger. The software is also capable of improving every transaction with appropriate setting options.

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Here are the benefits and disadvantages of using the software.

The software is easy to direct.At times, users face issues with the subscription transactions.
Helps you focus on other core activities related to the business as it is time-saving.Inconvenient and time-consuming sometimes as receiving a response from Botkeeper takes time.
The software uses both manual entries and AI processing which benefits the business owners looking to boost the productivity of the business. The software has gained popularity among bookkeepers and accountants as it is easy to use and competent as well in countries like Colombia, the Philippines, China, India, and the US.

9. Deskera Books

Deskera Books is the ultimate package of features any business might need for its maneuvering and growth. The users can easily perform tasks related to order fulfillment, inventory management, warehouse management, accounting, HR operations, and sales and marketing that help in making profitable decisions. One of the finest cloud-based accounting software, Deskera Books offers translucent pricing that is affordable to even small industries. It serves automatic reconciliation facilities for journal entries that save time and eliminate the chances of minor errors in general ledgers.

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Following are some interesting benefits along with disadvantages of the software.

The software is user-friendly, easily accessible, and helps with real-time visions for an effective decision-making process.Some Indian integrations are missing.
As it works with Automation, the chances of errors have been reduced to a great extent which has made finance management enjoyable.Doesn’t support many of the Indian applications.
The software provides utmost transparency that keeps all the items or data updated.Users might face issues with invoices and their delivery to the customers.
The software also helps in monitoring payments from different modes through mobile applications. The list of countries benefiting from this accounting software includes the US, India, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, UAE, and the Netherlands.

10. KashFlow Accounting Software

Last but not least on the list, KashFlow is an accounting software based on the Cloud that is suitable for every business size. Some of the key features of this software include invoicing, purchase payment, estimation and reporting, credit control, and payroll processing. It gives a graphical presentation of the financial data including balance sheets and detailed customer reports for easy understanding. The software can also convert the quotations into invoices once they are accepted by the customers. Recurring transactions and purchases are automatically drafted which eliminates the need for form filling every time manually.

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Here are the pros and cons one must check before adopting the software for accounting purposes.

The software is cost-effective compared to other Cloud-based bookkeeping software.The user interface is a little outdated.
The payroll system is quite easy to use and quick.The customer care service needs improvement.
The design of the software is user-friendly which makes the software easy to use and understand.Training for the software is a little expensive.
Bookkeepers using KashFlow remain tension-free as the software matches day-to-day expenses against various ledgers that help the accounts updated. The majority of the customers of this software are either from the United Kingdom or the United States, however, the software is also getting popular in other countries including India, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Netherlands, UAE, and South Africa.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of what software do bookkeepers use, it should also be known that the selection of the software depends on the size of the business and the features needed for maintaining the accounts. It should also be known that these bookkeeping software are supple and have multiple uses. Again, it is highly advised to go through demos and use free trials of the software before making any investment in the product to understand whether the software fits the business requirements commendably.

This blog has been written on the basis of information available on the internet. We collected information from various sources and prepared this blog.

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