Manual Vs. Automated Data Entry – What Should Be Your Choice?

In modern times, enterprises need to remain up-to-date in terms of data collection and storage. And hence, nearly every company is looking for the best method of data entry to keep their data accurately stored and secure. Some companies opt for the traditional method in which the data is manually entered by employees, while others opt for the automated method in which data is captured through software and other mechanisms. But which would be the best choice? The selection of the right data entry method depends on the type of business and data volume. The traditional data entry method isn’t considered to be completely accurate as there are chances of errors as the entries are done by humans, especially in the case of large data volumes when streamlining and processing documents is difficult. Yet, one should also consider the benefits of both data entry methods for selecting the right method for your business.

And through this piece of information, we shall discuss the benefits of both manual and automated data entry methods to make the right choice for your organization.

Advantages of Manual Data Entry

Companies these days maintain data in various formats. In a traditional data entry system, the data is entered manually in an ERP user interface or spreadsheets. Following are the benefits of traditional data entry.

Accuracy: For any company, data is something very crucial. Hence, it needs to be stored with utmost accuracy. And manual data entry can help you with all these. Compared to automated data entry, the manual is quite accurate as the task is carried out by humans or say data entry operators. Again, if any error is made, the operators can recognize it and fix it on time. This benefit is eliminated in the automated entry. Hence, when counting on accuracy levels, manual data entry can be termed as a good option.

Quality Data: No doubt, an automated data entry system has many benefits, but it still lacks quality data entry. Yes, the machines can’t recognize the right or quality data. It simply enters all the data given to it. So, if you are looking for quality or sensible data, you need to opt for manual data entry as it serves with utmost reliability. Humans can identify the right and wrong data at the time of entering the data, and hence, quality data gets stored in the system.

Reduced Operating Costs: The manual data entry would reduce operating costs to a great extent. As in this system, all you need is a few experienced employees who would enter quality data in bulk and some computer systems. You need a simple set up and your employees would carry out the task on simple spreadsheets. On the other hand, an automated data entry system requires expensive software systems to enter the data. This is one of the primary reasons why small or even medium companies use manual data entry systems over automated ones.

Job Opportunities: Today nearly every country is going through employment challenges. And in such a situation, using a manual data entry system would generate employment opportunities for people looking for a livelihood. In this way, the company would also be socially responsible and would create a good reputation in the market for assisting qualified candidates with a good income source.

Advantages of Automated Data Entry

When data is entered through a digital platform, that is with the help of electronic systems like a scanner, it is termed automated data entry. No doubt, there are chances of inaccurate data entry in this method as if any document isn’t scanned properly and the text in it isn’t clear, the software wouldn’t be able to read it accurately and result in a wrong entry. Yet, here are some of the unavoidable benefits of using automated data entry methods.

Reduced Use of Paper: When companies use automated data entry systems, you don’t need to store the documents physically. With the help of the latest data entry tools, companies can easily sort and store data or documents online. This also makes sharing the data with others easy. Again, a backup of the data is also taken which eliminates the chances of loss of any data entered on the software. Hence, this would reduce the usage of paper, indirectly reducing the cutting of trees which is beneficial for the environment as well.

Increased Speed: As the automated data entry system uses software and scanners for entering data, it surely completes all the transactions to be entered with amazing speed. No doubt, some data entry operators might have high speed on the keyboard while entering data, but they still wouldn’t be able to meet the speed that software allows. Hence, companies with huge data look for automated data entry software for quick processing of data.

In-Depth Analysis: Automated data entry systems use advanced machine learning algorithms for processing and storing data. Hence, this eliminates human errors at the time of entering the data as well as no compromise is observed in terms of speed and accuracy. Again, the data entered through an automated data entry system helps the company members discover patterns for deep analysis of the workflow. This helps in improving and optimizing various business operations.

Safe and Secure: When talking about the security of data, an automated data entry system offers highly secure measures for keeping your data safe and secure. The sensitive data of the company is protected very strongly through advanced security measures. Again, the automated entry also protects against misuse or leaking of data. The data entry software is mostly combined with cloud storage, and this also improves the security levels of data.


Concluding the topic, it can be said that both automated and manual data entry system have their benefits and drawbacks. Again, in today’s competitive market, companies prefer to use automated data entry for quick analysis. But it is also true that an automated data entry system isn’t completely capable of replacing the traditional data entry system.

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