B2B Contacts: Different Ways to Reach the Inaccessible Prospects

Keenly looking for the contacts of business owners for business growth but failing to get the right contact detail? Collaboration and marketing are often carried out with a single click, but you need to have the right email address to reach the authorized person of the company. Connecting with the authorized person of any company would surely help in boosting your sales and improve the figures as they would be among your qualified leads. And B2B professionals can help you with all these.

B2B professionals mostly focus on email marketing for building awareness regarding the products and services. And for this, it is important to gather accurate and upgraded databases, email addresses of the authorized person, and other contact details of the business owner for making the email marketing campaign effective.

How to Obtain Email Addresses for B2B Business?

Organizations dealing with various products and a huge customer crowd mostly operate through an account-based marketing system. And with the help of data mining services, the professionals filter the database and target key customers or clients who are ideal for their sales or products. And the email address of the authorized person or decision maker is very important at this stage. Again, getting in touch directly with the decision-maker of the company would be a formal approach to having an enduring and meaningful business relationship in the future.

Are you among the B2B professionals looking to build up a strong client database? Let’s check out different ways of obtaining the contact information of the business owner for improving your marketing efforts.

Online Email Directories

Have you gone through any online directory? It is an ideal platform to obtain the contact information of millions of email users. Most B2B professionals check online directories for obtaining contact details of their potential customers. The sales executives merely need to type the details of the prospects and the directory would provide all the details stored online about the prospect like the phone numbers, email addresses, etc. The B2B professionals check on various business listing portals on which small and medium companies register their contact details for better opportunities, brand awareness, growing domain authority, and initiating business networking. Again, the B2B listings are available after implementing data mining services which give direct contact details of the concerned person.

Company Websites

One of the easiest ways of getting the contact details of the business owner is through the official website of the business. Any website would contain all the details of the business, its owners, team members, contact details, and links to social media. All you need to do is get to the “Contact Us” or “Team Member” page of the website. Checking out the official website of the company is the best way of initiating your search for the right email address or other contact details as many companies use landing pages so that the customers or clients can get in touch with them easily. The sales representatives can directly call them and ask for details or leave an inquiry mail.

Social Media and Networking Platforms

Social media and other professional networking platforms are these days the best way to remain connected with the business world. Through social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, AngelList, Meetup, and many more, B2B professionals can easily get in touch with the concerned person of the business. Grouping with professionals through these platforms can help in establishing healthy connections with potential members. All you need to do is check on the reviews in which the name of the owner is mentioned or he/she has commented. Checking the graph search tools and timelines on social media platforms can help in getting the right information about the decision-maker.

Government Websites and Tools

Every business be it public or private, needs to get registered with the government or states before commencing. Hence, checking various business registers available online on the official website of the government can help with all the necessary details of the company and its authorized person. If you are checking the right database, you can easily get all the details of the company. Apart from the official portals, the Better Business Bureau and other tools can help you with all the important details of non-member businesses. It should be noted that sometimes the primary contact given in the listings might not be the concerned person or owner of the company. So, before making the report, make sure you verify the reports and dates well.

Email List from B2B Database

B2B is one of the best and most paid methods of getting the contact details of businesses. Some of the B2B companies create leads and new connections through newsletters. And email newsletters are an ideal way of getting the contact information of the team members, heads, and the company. So, find out the email signature of the company head and check if any contact detail is listed like the company name, address, job title, etc. Again, the B2B companies also provide data mining services that help in obtaining a ready-to-use list regarding the businesses. So, obtain the email address or contact number and start connecting with the companies seeking the prospect you are looking for.


In concluding the blog, these were some tried and tested ways to find contact details of business heads or owners. Companies can also use manual methods to contact the owner. But if you are looking for accurate results, data mining services for business contacts is the best option, DataPlusValue will be a better outsourcing partner for you, we can search emails as per your business requirement.

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