What is a Document Management System

A document management system is an automated method of organizing, capturing, tagging, securing, completing and approving tasks with the files of business. Though most of the document management system hoard data in the cloud, a DMS is not all about cloud computing storage. This also saves your time as advanced document management systems handle huge amounts of flowing of papers of your business. For instance, managers who have a large paper-filled cabinet, they can set up automation for some kind of documents and they also track and handle the processing and progress of the work.

This EDMS (electronic document management system) is basically a system for tracking and storing documents. It initiated as a method for the conversion of digital documents from paper documents. As an outcome, an Electronic Document Management system is also known as “electronic filing cabinet” and it enhanced dramatically in today’s technological era. An EDMS is a method to automate manual processes which makes it an essential part of digital transformation for so many big and small organizations.

How does Electronic Document Management system?

It captures, stores and distribute documents. Let’s understand how?

1. Document capture from any source

Document management systems required to do capture documents from any source provided. Capturing of the document is the ability to save documents in order to let finder find it later. This process is commonly known as “indexing” Which is basically a method of classifying documents. You add terms to the documents such as customer’s order number in order to find them later easily. It captures the documents and makes sure that you will find the documents tomorrow or even five years after.

There are several ways through which you can capture the documents.

  • Capture for paper documents
  • Capture for system-generated reports
  • Capture for Emails
  • Capture for any application

2. Central document storage

Document management systems required to have the application of central document storage. This is crucial for retaining and organizing documents that come from various places. This is important for two main reasons: Central Access and Document security. Hectic and regular hassle days are common for employees which is why need required immediate access to documents whenever they need and central document storage let employees access to documents directly whenever they want. Another factor which is Document security, indeed essential, as digital threats are common nowadays and central document storage provides the application of document security.

3. Document distribution and retrieval

Document management system required to include document distribution and retrieval. This is essential to ensure that you are capable to share and utilize documents. Document retrieval required being easy and quick, if not, then it will be useless. Document management systems provide you search features in order to retrieve documents on any search of keyword that happens because of the indexing. Whereas, document distribution is the key constituent of any document management system. It is a method to ensure that you will be able to send documents to vendors, customers, and even to your employees.

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