Having Dirty Data? Secret Ways to Make It Useful with Data Transformation

By now, every business is aware of the importance of data for its success. Similarly, they also agree that it should be accurate and clean. But what if the data isn’t accurate or clean? Does it become inoperable completely?

Well, if your business is heading toward an ambitious and directed 2024, you can still make the best use of the dirty data. Thinking how? The answer is data enrichment services.

Here are some secret ways of making your dirty data useful by transforming it:

Make The Data Maneuvering

Inaccurate. Disorganized. Duplicates. Do these words describe your data? Nearly every business looks for a clean and maintained database while making essential decisions. But in reality, counting on a dirty database would be more profitable rather than using a clean database. The database should be created based on current trends, goal-oriented, and analytical. A directional database would help in learning about the direction the marketing efforts are heading towards. When a directional database is used along with judgment and experience, the decisions will surely be profitable.

Plan Your Data Quality Gages

Data cleaning is an important step for every business. But it is time-consuming as well. Hence, looking for some data cleansing services when needed would be daunting. Businesses need to plan a particular time for cleaning the data to have quality data when needed. When this is not done, companies observe a distraction while using the data. Companies need to allot a particular time for data quality checks so that it can be used readily when needed.

Data Cleaning is a Teamwork

Companies generally hire a team to clean up the data. Some limited people work on the database to make it accurate, which is time-consuming as well. The fact is, cleaning the data should be a teamwork and should include every employee. Yes, each employee should work on updating the database whenever they interact with the contacts. This would not only save the company’s precious time but would also give you a precise database for quick actions. When the entire staff works on cleaning the data, it becomes easier to manage even a huge database.

Every Data Has a Termination Date

Sounds weird? It’s true. It is highly observed that companies collect a huge database and then find it difficult to manage it. This happens because they might be collecting data that is either irrelevant to your business or recollecting data for a longer time. Any information or data collected is useful for merely three years. After that, it is just a burden on your system. Hence, it is advisable to eliminate such data from the database as such data can also be risky for your company. Elimination of such data or contacts needs to be delineated as a part of your strategy for data management.

Collect Purposeful Data

Thinking of having a strong and dependable database? There are certain traits you need to follow to create a useful database. Have a look at the traits to be followed.

  1. To have a dependable database, employees need to work on different ways of asking for reviews or questionnaires from the contacts. If the questions remain the same every year, comparing the progress would be difficult for the members.
  2. While creating the questionnaire, keep a strategic goal in mind to generate effective questions.
  3. Collecting data while interacting with contacts shouldn’t be a boring process. Make the data-collecting process creative and interactive with interesting polls or incentives to get updated information.
  4. The data collection process needs to be easy and quick. Avoid long answers or surveys that might irritate the members. Focus on the purpose of the data collection process and directly collect required information.

Henceforth, in this way, you would create a reliable and purposeful database.

Clean Relevant Data

Another mistake companies commonly make is cleaning the entire database whether it is relevant or not. Cleaning any dirty database is a long process, and hence, companies need to think over the long-term basis and clean relevant data only. For instance, cleaning addresses would be a waste of time if companies aren’t sending any kind of letters or postcards to the contacts. So, make sure you are cleaning relevant databases rather than wasting your precious time on the entire database.

Final Words

To conclude the blog, focusing on minor yet operative changes would be highly appreciated for the success of your business. It is not necessary to clean every piece of information. Instead of eliminating the dirty data, work on it and start using it again.

Having too much dirty data that needs to be cleaned? We at DataPlusValue help you with the best data cleaning services to provide you with a meaningful database. For more details, get in touch with your database and we shall give you a strategically designed database to make your marketing efforts fruitful.

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