Jewelry Photography Editing – Professional Tips You Can’t Ignore

Today when the digital era is speeding up, pictures and videos are a crucial part of enhancing your business and sales online. They leave an emblematic impact on the minds of the viewers converting them into permanent customers. And this applies to the jewelry market as well.

Even the most beautiful jewelry picture would go unnoticeable if the image fails to capture the sight of the viewers. Patience, skills, and expertise are talents that help you get quality pictures that add sparkles to your image. However, taking high-quality pictures is not the only thing that helps you get more conversions. Editing the picture is equally essential to give the photo a true shine. This eliminates any kind of inappropriate color, dust, or spots on jewelry, pale background, unwanted lighting, reflections, or any other issue in the picture with ease.

Jewelry photo editing can surely be discouraging for the fresher. But if you keep scrolling, this guide will help you learn the jewelry photo editing process in detail.

Jewelry Photo Editing – An IntroductionJewelry Photo Retouching – An Introduction
Jewelry is an elusive piece and to bring out its actual beauty in the image on the online platform, the image needs to be edited properly. The image needs to be cleaned, shaped, and sized to obtain the utmost clarity as customers check the design from various angles.

photo editing
Jewelry photo retouching is a secondary form of editing the images carried out with the camera. The process involves the usage of advanced software as it improves and maintains the quality of the image for an appealing output.

example photo retouching

Jewelry Editing or Jewelry Retouching: What is the Difference?

Images taken on a camera need to be edited by professionals to give them the right color temperature. This can be done either by editing or retouching process. Both techniques give your jewelry photographs a desirable look, yet certain differences need to be known.

Jewelry photo editing means reducing or increasing the brightness of the picture which can be done quickly. The output mostly depends on the effect desired. Other aspects regarding color corrections are also looked after while editing like contrast, highlights, white balance, etc. that eliminate unrealistic colors from the image.

On the other hand, jewelry photo retouching means using advanced software and other post-production processes in which every detail is looked after carefully. This includes working on the brightness, cropping, color tone, reshaping, resizing, removing marks, spots, fingertips, or dust, and much more to give them a detailed stunning outlook.

Hence, photo editing gives advanced basic improvements while retouching gives targeted improvements in the images.

Jewelry Photo Retouching – Why is it Important?

Jewelry photography is one of the challenging tasks. However, it is not only limited to taking discrete photographs. The actual task for having a capturing visual initiates after the picture is captured. The post-processing of the jewelry photograph is carried out to give you picture a unique and perfect outlook for the viewers. The post-processing task includes editing actions like eliminating any kind of reflection, or background, resizing, adjusting the lighting, contrast, and shadows, and removing any defects.

The main aim of retouching the images is to improve the images and make them more attractive to potential customers by maintaining the color balance. This adds to the sales and customer satisfaction level of the company.

What Are The Basics of The Jewelry Photo Retouching Process?

With the help of digitization, companies are now opting for the jewelry photo retouching process which is less time-consuming and complicated compared to photo editing. Most of the jewelry photo retouching service providers use Adobe Photoshop for the retouching process, yet certain things need to be looked over. Here are the basics to look after.

  • Removing any scratches or dust: While capturing images, several unwanted objects get captured as well, including scratches and dust. And this can surely damage the look of your jewelry photograph. Experts work on retouching the image by using software like Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and remove dust, scratches, or any kind of unwanted object from the image for a crystal clear view.
  • Jewelry perfecting: Even the finest jewelry doesn’t give the best image if the picture isn’t edited with some additional features. Hence, once the photograph is taken, the jewelry image needs to be polished to give it the best look. This is carried out with the image-enhancing equipment used by professionals.
  • Softening the image: While taking the image, the metals and diamonds used in the jewelry leave a different impact on the camera lenses. Due to this, reflections are produced making the picture sharp with unwanted shadows. With the help of an unsharp mask or the Clone tool, the experts remove such hinders and give the jewelry image a smooth and capturing look.
  • Color corrections or recoloring: At times, the color of the jewelry or its surroundings changes when the picture is taken. This gives the image a dull appearance. Experts work on correcting such images or recoloring them using professional tools and software for a good-looking picture.
  • Balancing the brightness and contrast: Inappropriate brightness or contrast surely damages the creativity of the jewelry image. Sometimes, the photographers also increase the brightness to get a better image. Such mistakes in brightness and contrast are fixed using Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop software for a perfect photograph.
  • Removal of background: This is one of the most used features of retouching jewelry photographs. Editing or removing the background allows the color and brightness of the actual product to manifest eliminating any kind of distraction.
  • Shadow formation: Any kind of raw image of the jewelry would appear dull to the viewers. For this, experts work on creating drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, etc. to give the jewelry designs additional charisma.

Once all these features are worked out, the image is given a final touch by shaping the image, eliminating blurred areas, editing the textures and resizing, etc. to have the best jewelry photograph.

Top 5 Jewelry Photo Retouching Software

Just search on the internet and you shall come across several photo editing software. However, this software is best for simple editing tasks only. Jewelry photo retouching needs advanced software and techniques. Here are the top 5 jewelry photo retouching software used by professionals for retouching processes.

All these retouching software are available for purchase on the internet. However, professional help is still required to use them efficiently.

List of Basic Jewelry Photo Editing Apps

Looking for some basic jewelry photo editing applications that can easily work on your device? Here are some Android and iOS supporting applications that are available free of cost for fixing your jewelry photographs.

All these applications allow basic editing features. However, if you are looking for some advanced editing, it is advisable to look for a professional.

Are the Online Jewelry Photo Editing Websites Good?

Apart from jewelry photo editing software and applications, there are online websites that offer editing services with manual or AI-based tools. The websites not only help with basic editing facilities but also serve with various advanced editing facilities on a single platform. As there are various websites, it is difficult to get the right portal as per your requirements. Hence, getting some professional advice would be a better way to get your desired photographs.

Piece of Advice from Our Experts

Jewelry photo editing is surely a topsy-turvy task, particularly if you are willing to use advanced editing software like Photoshop. It requires advanced knowledge and professional skills. Again, certain AI-based online portals and applications fail to serve accurate services. Hence, if you are looking to work on several images for your website, hiring a jewelry retouching service provider is an ideal way to promote your jewelry online.


Just search and you shall come across several software and applications for jewelry photo editing. DataPlusValue stands among the popular jewelry photo editing experts who work on your images to give you mesmerizing results. We are a team of experienced professionals you can trust for your jewelry photographs as per your needs. We come up with several solutions for your jewelry images that might be difficult for other people working on basics to give you a clean, intriguing, and accurate image. For more details, get in touch with your images today.

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