Team Leader

A team leader with strong work ethics is committed to goals and objectives of the team and is keen to abide by the laid down rules and guidelines. In order to achieve the team goals and objectives, there is need for team participation and strong motivation of the team members towards achievement of the set goals and objectives. The team leader' commitment, honesty and his accountability motivates the members since they view him as their role model.

As the name suggests, a team leader is someone who is in charge of a team, guiding and instructing them. While the responsibilities of a team leader are likely to be different in different organizations, they are most likely to include forging team spirit and ensuring they perform as one cohesive unit.

A Good Team Leader

Quicker Goal Achievement: Great work ethics allow the team leader to clearly define the team goals and objectives putting them in precise perspective and focus. They become more understandable hence eliminating confusion among the team members. Efforts are directed towards the goals and hence the performance of the employees improves.

Has Personal Integrity: Only a person who is honest, professional, emotionally mature, and respects others will be able to gain the trust of their team. Personal integrity is perhaps the most vital quality that a leader requires.

Has Foresight, and is Proactive: A leader needs to visualize the future, and formulate a plan for target achievement. They should be willing to themselves perform the necessary tasks in order of priority. In short they need vision and the discipline to work towards their vision.

Is Enthusiastic, Positive, and Focused: A leader must be able to constantly motivate and generate enthusiasm in the team regarding their mission. For this it is imperative that the leader be positive. Constructive criticism always works much better than sharp rebukes. The leader should help their team concentrate on crucial and appropriate activities.

Is Solution Oriented and Creative: A good team leader needs to think outside the box and be willing to take calculated risks to achieve targets within deadlines. They must also be able to involve the entire team in the brainstorming and session so as to arrive at a solution that is a collective effort. Active participation from the team will empower them and motivate them to perform better.

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