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Content Writing ServicesContent writing is a much needed part of effective SEO practices and becomes an art especially for websites where the user is always short of time. In such conditions maximum information has to be passed to the user in the most cryptic way. However, in doing so, the essence and flow of the content should never be compromised.

Importance of Content Writing for SEO

The importance of content writing has grown significantly with the increase in demand for Search Engine Optimized websites. The need for such high quality content is felt because the present day search engines are intelligent enough to siphon off content which is not important and legitimate. Unnecessary details and repetition gives no added benefit but just results in slowing the processing of your web pages.

Qualities of Well Written Content

Well written content writer should be able to figure out as to what the website talks about; written keeping the main aim of the website owner in the mind. Next he/she should see how that aim is to be met i.e. how a client will come to this website. In doing so, he will search for appropriate keywords which are usually searched for by the search engine users.

It must be noted as per the latest policies of search engines like Google, any page which has lot of keywords but the content hardly makes sense is automatically downgraded, no matter how beautiful your site looks or how much advertisement are you doing. This point further proves the importance of good SEO based content writing.

A well written and laid out website also leads to higher social rankings as well as reviews by users. Search engines give special importance to the social quotient of websites. This is bound to increase if users find new and interesting content day by day on the website.

Many website owners do not give importance to ‘About Us’ page and end up writing anything there. However, it is worth mentioning, an educated and aware client will always read the profile of the company and will prefer the companies or websites which have a well written profile rather than a website the owner of which has not even bothered to write well about himself.

A well written content should have the following:
  • Should be original. No Plagiarism at all.
  • A unique and catchy title, which should be neither too long nor too short.
  • Ideal use of keywords related to the website’s target audience.
  • No grammatical mistakes (spelling mistakes: don’t even think of).
  • May contain suitably titled images.
  • Maintain the flow of the article.
  • No repetition of content.

There was a time when content writing and SEO were two different departments of a web service provider. However, with the advent of techniques such as Google Penguin and Panda the need for a coordinated effort has increased manifold.

Keeping this in mind we at DataValuePlus have a core team which works together to provide our clients the benefits of SEO based content writing. In doing so the need to iterate from SEO optimization to content changing and vice versa is reduced as the person finding correct keywords for a website works together with the author of the article. This collaborated effort has produced synergy which has helped many of our clients get exceptional results from their optimized websites.

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