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OS Commerce Product Entry ServicesOnline stores can take business to new horizons. Moving beyond geographical boundaries, e-commerce stores enjoy a bigger target market and a global presence.

However, for putting the business online, one needs to be technologically up to design a well-versed website based on an interactive interface that is attractive, informative and completely search engine optimized. OS Commerce is one such e-commerce interfaces available these days. Packed with all functional upbeats, it has the potential of taking the business to greater heights.

But constraints of time and technology often deter many from foraying into the e-space. This is where professional companies like DataPlusValue prove helpful. These technologically rich and professionally advanced companies offer all OS commerce store product entry services under one roof. Hiring such trained professionals at an affordable cost also brings down the expenditure of housing an in-house data entry team. Such outsourcing also helps business owners to concentrate on their core business responsibilities.

Engaging a reliable and reputed company like DataPlusValue for OS commerce store product entry services ensures tailored made and customized professional support for the business.

The list of features and services you can avail under the Outsourcing OsCommerce store product entry services include:
  • Product Attributes: The experienced team offers complete management of products and its attributes. Aspects like product title, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), unique product description with specifications of type, weight and quantity are dealt with utmost care.
  • Using Best Keywords: To ensure that the product features in the front pages of the related product search, relevant keywords and key phrases are used.
  • Product Management: Continual project management ensures that only those products remain in the catalogs that are currently in stock. For this, recurrent addition, removal, updating and editing of products is conducted.
  • Product Image: To ensure that the product images are bright and impressive, a careful photo editing is done for all product images. Imaging issues like image resizing, color modification, background editing is dealt with carefully.
  • Product Pricing and Offers: For pricing the products in the most competitive manner, the vigilant staff carries out in-depth market research to study competitor pricing strategy. Creation and management of seasonal discounts and promotional schemes are also handled.
  • Chat Support: The product management team offers complete customer support. Fast and speedy replies to customer queries put the products in advantageous position for potential buyers.

Unmatched quality, quick turnaround time and affordable prices, the team offers everything required a successful online business.

Just give a call to hire our OsCommerce product entry experts and professionals. We’ll be happy to answer all your queries.

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