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data management serviceBusinesses, individuals or organizations where large chunks of data or information are handled require Document Management Systems to ensure filing, securing, retrieving and sharing information whenever necessary.

DataPlusValue provides Document Management solutions at competitive prices and international quality in stipulated time-frames. DataPlusValue holds capacity inward enriching information by whatever getable form to the variant needed from our customers. Hence, data that has pinned in different data format, frequently on paper, is allotted a context (markup) and barge in a depository to enable comparability and recovery.

For business sector, document management impersonates a measure of challenges, link beguilement from center business affairs, higher price of document managing and storage, high expense per image for conversion of paper to digital data, data-entry errors, and inconsistencies in quality of scanned images. DataPlusValue Document Management Services give you a highly effective and desirable solution for overcoming these challenges. DataPlusValue's Document Management answers assist administrations to track and store electronic documents and/or pictures of paper written document, offer reposition, versioning, metadata, protection, in addition to indexing and recovery capacities.

DataPlusValue is an entirely configurable Document Management Solution for digitally filing away daily and archived office documents specified as contracts, buy orders, client statements, patents, conceptualization records, health check pictures, electric designs, etc. Utilizing DataPlusValue, these documents turn searchable, recoverable and gettable by a browser, and from any localization. DataPlusValue brings in capture, labeling, classification, recovery and dispersion of documents fast and effective.

DataPlusValue could be a reliable offshore business partner for you. Every project we receive undergoes high quality control procedures, so the final output you get is accurate. We offer you free sample work, just to win your trust from our quality work.

Individuals or employees in small and large organizations operate more efficiently when information is classified, stored conveniently and made easily accessible. Document Management by DataPlusValue saves money, space and also reduces stress involved with typical filing systems.

In its simplest form, individuals can avail service for organizing their tax documents for annual filing. The client’s receipts, bills, contributions and tax-forms collectively are grouped to complete tax-forms. Once filed, it is placed with the previous returns and stacked in yearly-basis. DataPlusValue also caters to complex, multi-stepped, involved and costly Document Management for large companies like financial firms which collect consumer information. DataPlusValue collates client information, organizes them in a particular manner and maintains documentation in a specific format as required by regulatory authorities.

On receiving initial paperwork, hardcopy will be scanned into a digital image and dispatched to a chain of computer databases for collection and organization of information. The hardcopy is given a reference number, placed in a particular location in the warehouse according to the date and time stamped and easily recovered to clarify any regulatory requirements.

About Document Management Service

Document Management is an organized system which processes, stores and recovers documents with all its data. It involves electronic production, storage and recovery of files and other documents and also provides secure access to those who have necessary clearances.

Document Management is useful for handling different types of databases like:

  • Text files
  • Scanned copies of paper documentations
  • Audio and video files
  • E-Mails
  • Faxes
  • Reports
  • Photos
  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Images

Document Management was created to have ‘paperless’ working environment. Although organizations have diverse document management needs, this system is designed to handle every aspect of sorting and managing information effectively.

Banking sector uses this system to generate miniature digital copies of checks with bank statements. Actual canceled checks are either destroyed or kept secure as back-up incase of malfunction or corrupted data.

Advertising agencies convert presentations and storyboards into digital data thereby conserving premium space. An entire Ad- Campaign can be converted into folders and files, stored in computers and later retrieved for access, distribution or printing.

Document Management process can be ‘rudimentary’ when receipts are collected with little or no organization or ‘sophisticated’ when complex scanners are used for collecting, organizing and housing information from pre-designed forms having assigned reference numbers.

An Electronic Document Management is a computer program which indexes and stores records of various organizations. Information is passed on electronically to other locations without using print, fax or mail.

This program stores information through electronic images so that employees can simultaneously access electronic documents. A paper copy or document not in electronic form is first converted into electronic images using document imaging software and then stored in computers till required.

Types of Document Management Services

DataPlusValue offers a wide range of Document Management Services to choose from including:

  • Secure management for various types of documents
  • Detailed description of all items
  • Complete profile and text indexing
  • Quick document retrieval
  • Reduced training and software costs
  • Aid for insurance purposes
  • Maintain integrity and security of documents
  • Control document access
  • Provide personalized inventory on CDs
Why Choose DataPlusValue?

DataPlusValue streamlines and simplifies processing of inbound and outbound documents. All documents are digitized and categorized for ease in storage and retrieval.

DataPlusValue ensures clients of accurate conversion of papers, books and old computer files into useful and digitized information by selecting key-boarding, optical character recognition or double key entry method of Document Management.

Apart from security and data compliance, DataPlusValue assures clients of cost-effective work by skilled operators for delivering quality output.

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