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outsource data conversion servicesMost industries across the board use IT for running their services. Large chunks of data in their computing systems are received in different formats and from different sources like forms, paper documentations, and word-document, excel file, access- database, and scanned images of paper documentation and so on.

Data Conversion becomes a necessary tool to avoid storage and retrieval costs and costs involved in extracting relevant data or information from this pile when required.

DataPlusValue is a leading outsource IT-Service firm which undertakes servicing many IT-requirements including Data Conversion at competitive prices and international quality. It delivers superior service and assists businesses in planning strategies for expansion and /or growth.

Data Conversion comprises an essential therein age of data because data comprises critical in any administration. For an establishment to operate in effect, information requires to be well available. Data Conversion comprises the procedure of altering the formatting of data to different data format. The transition of data format has converted a subroutine and necessary business back up agency exercise. Advanced technology, gears, software system, and expertness are all important to accomplish an efficient Data Conversion.

DataPlusValue is a Data Management and Conversion supplier concentrated on providing a broad chain of Data Conversion, e-publishing and e-commerce answers by formulation to entire life-cycle growth, execution, and sustainment. We purchase technology to assist customers accomplish competitory reward in their commercial enterprise. We, at DataPlusValue, provide the maximum quality and most cost-efficient answers for a broad chain of back up office and I.T. Enabled Services to wit Document Conversion, XML Conversion, Data Conversion, & Data Entry projects that equalize the greatest international measures in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Our Data Conversion experts offer entire conversion services of Scanning, Indexing, OCR, quality check and exportation of the archives and books to electronic formats or the concluding imaging answer.

We applies various quality Data Conversion tools to convert electronic data from its normal data format, whether it's presently in desktop publication applications, spreadsheet or word processing. We hold immense experience in accomplishing conversion projects demanding all sorts of data. We provide our customers a whole array of Data Conversion and Transcription services. We're illustrious for our dependability, accuracy and adhesiveness to punctual deliverance schedules.

With the repute of comprising a trustworthy outsourcing destination and the one stop shop for whole of your outsourcing demands, DataPlusValue is positive to offer you on an outstanding outsourcing experience. We hold the capability to handle your complicated Data Entry, Data Conversion projects in absolute efficient mode. Our committed faculty offers a perfect and precise data to all-round the globe at fair price and on time. We believe that the success of any data entry project depends on the strength of the team that is working on it; therefore the team members to be assigned on Vision Projects shall have a strong technical skills and experience with minimum required skills.

By Outsourcing Data Conversion to DataPlusValue, businesses can be rest assured to receive reliable and cost-effective solution. Experts at DataPlusValue have the skill to handle different types of data using state-of-the-art conversion technologies and human-resources.

Subscribing to Data Conversion services at DataPlusValue has many advantages like:

  • Economic conversion services
  • Timely and accurate completion of work
  • Multiple data conversion
  • Use of latest data conversion technologies
  • Multiple runs of output through quality-checks before delivery
  • Round-the-clock customer support
About Data Conversion Services

The process of transforming computer data from one format to another is termed as Data Conversion. Although the principle is similar to that of converting documents from one format to another, Data Conversion could also involve conversion of computer programs available in one type of computing language to another format to allow running of the program on a specific platform.

The actual conversion can include conversion of multiple data into one format or conversion of a single format into different forms so that the same data can be utilized across a wide spectrum of platforms.

Data Conversion process makes use of ‘Structured Query Language’- SQL which is the computing language responsible for managing information which is available in certain type of data management systems. SQL is an old language used in program designs. It manages efficient conversion of data formats so that it gets related and recognized across various associated programs.

In the actual process, an executable program reads the original language of the data and identifies the language or languages that it should get converted into. After completing mapping, the program commences conversion of data into single or multiple formats as desired and subsequently distributes the converted data. With many applications available in conversion programs, this task gets executed in seconds.

Data Conversion is also evolving continuously like other computing technologies. Newer programs are constantly devised to increase the efficiency and scope of information conversion. With the inclusion of many more programs and formats in the conversion process, the ability to share data or information across platforms which were once thought to be incompatible has significantly increased.

This process is especially required if collaborators use different languages or programs as a foundation for their systems in a global scenario. Data Conversion has significantly reduced time wasted to translate and distribute data between different systems manually.

Types of Data Conversion Services

DataPlusValue offers a wide range of Data Conversion Services for customers to choose from including:

  • MS Word to PDF
  • PDF to MS-Word
  • MS Excel to PDF
  • PDF to MS excel
  • Word to HTML
  • Bar code
  • PDF conversion
  • Paper to Searchable PDF
  • Image to MS-Word
  • HTML conversion
  • XML conversion
  • Image file to other format
  • OCR/ Key entry/ Word Processing
  • Indexing data using cut, copy and paste ; and edit and sort functions
Why Choose DataPlusValue?

Data Conversion is not just a time consuming process but a difficult one as well. It needs experts with previous knowledge of Data Conversion and experience in working with different conversion programs for delivering consistent and reliable output.

Outsourcing Data Conversion to DataPlusValue will guarantee you of:

  • 99 percent accurate Data Conversion
  • Customized conversion according to client’s specific requirements
  • Quick turn-around time for projects undertaken

DataPlusValue is an ideal on-stop destination for availing various Data Conversion and Transcription Services.

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