Form Processing Services In India

Posted On : 16 March 2018 | Author : Data Plus Value Team | Tag : Online Insurance Forms Entry, Medical Forms Data Entry, Application Forms Data Capture, Online Form Processing.

Form Processing Services In India

In forms processing services we can help your organization eliminate human errors by automating the collection of data while cutting costs. How? Forms processing is a service that extracts data from different fields of entry and converts it into convenient electronic formats. Your electronic data is then safely stored and can be accessed from multiple locations. We can help you efficiently store large volumes of data securely.

DataPlusValue employs two types of forms processing methods. One method uses a powerful form-reader tool capable of recognizing manually-entered data by using a high-speed and highly accurate (99%) scanner that can process up to 2,500 words per minute. The second method is to design an automatic form-input system to collect and analyze data. In addition, we use only the best forms processing software. Our specialists are capable of working with different formats of data, such as HTML, CGI, ASP, JSP and PHP.

Some of the areas DPV's Forms Processing services have been successfully employed include:

  • Payroll
  • Survey/ Market Research
  • Resume Processing
  • Accounts, Tax and Legal Forms
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Data Conversion
  • Insurance Claims
  • Warranty Cards
  • Medical Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Online Form Processing


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