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In the current scenario, it is important that any business that is looking for growth and increase in their customer base should be able to direct their target audience to their website. With many social networking websites available to generate the required number of hits and views, the process of social media optimization is extremely poplar and is an important marketing strategy.

In order to optimize social media effectively it is important to understand the various methods to divert the traffic from the social media site to the main website. This involves optimizing features of the website to keep the audience engaged and interested in a product or service.

There are two methods of achieving the above - off site and on site promotions.

On site promotions refer to the various methods that one employs to increase the social media presence on his own website while off site promotions involve the use of other social media sites as well to increase the visibility of your brand. Both the methods are effective and necessary, as they serve completely different purposes.

With onsite promotions, the idea is to get your audience interested in the content available on your website itself while offsite promotion aims at increasing the visibility of your website and expanding the network.

In order to combine the two, the most important thing is to place all your social media communication effectively for the audience to see. Make sure that all this communication is available in the front and centre of your website. Using social media communication allows you to include a large chunk of information is a manageable way with the use of simple plug-ins. Some common examples of these plug-ins are the tweet stream and the FaceBook like button that are usually placed in the front page of all the websites. This allows you to ensure that there is regular content feed and engaging content to ensure that your audience keeps returning to your website.

All the content that is available on your website must be easy to share. All your sharing options must be visible to your viewers and include a variety of communication tools including emails and blogs. This way, you increase the chances of your content being shared between users and potential customers. This can come in the form of share and like buttons similar to many other social networking sites.

In addition to that, the content that you provide online or offline; must be interesting and worth sharing. It is a known fact that people are more interested in promoting themselves rather than promoting brands. If you are able to package all your content in a concise and attractive manner, you can be ensured that it will be republished by your followers. Employ catchy headlines, phrases and tweets to keep your audience engaged and interested in your product.

When you take all the effort to promote and report online and offline, it is important for you to also track the progress in order to understand your social media performance. Depending upon the feedback that you get, you can speak to your sales and marketing team and make the changes necessary to divert more traffic to your website. Use facilities like reports application and lead intelligence application to understand the type of crowd that is viewing all your content. You can even assign special campaigns to all your social media information in order to understand your social media success.

These reports will help you make amendments that might even be as simple as increasing your popularity on FaceBook and twitter and divert the resulting traffic to your website.

At DataPlusValue we firmly believe that on-page and off-page promotions when studied and developed effectively can be extremely useful in marketing a business, its products or services; increasing its reach and profitability tremendously.

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