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Email Marketing Services


Email marketing is considered one of the most effective tools for online marketing. This is a marketing technique that allows you to reach out to a very large audience without too much investment. Since most of your audience has access to email, you can ensure that they get regular updates about your products and services.

For those who want to track the effect and the success of a marketing campaign through email, we at DataPlusValue offer an array of tools available to help with the process and also provide a comprehensive report about the sales and viewership generated through an active e-mail campaign.

Points to Consider for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  1. Set a Budget: Before you begin any email advertising campaign, it is essential to understand the budget that is available. Depending on that you can either put together a team within your company or even select an advertising company to handle all the updating and innovation with respect to your business.

  2. Hire Professionals: Hiring a professional service provider like us at DataPlusValue will help you find more solutions to problems and concerns related to various aspects of database management and maintenance. With professionals like us, you can also be assured that the latest technology will be employed to make your campaign more

  3. Selecting the Target Audience: Once this is in order; you need to figure out the possible target audience and understand the type of content that they are looking at. For instance, if you are addressing individuals from top management levels, your email campaign should be worded wisely and concisely as these individuals do not have the time to go through details and specifics.

  4. Designing: Then, you must decide upon the design of your email marketing campaign. Your marketing tools must be as effective as possible as you do not want them to be ignored and unsuccessful. We make sure that our clients’ email marketing campaigns include all elements that represent their products or services so that people know that the email is from a trusted sender and not just some spam.

  5. Identifying Demographics: Once this is done, we ensure that the demographics of your website are clearly identified. We filter your database to make sure that you reach out to the audience that you are targeting to achieve guaranteeing success with all your campaigns.

Once your email marketing process, DataPlusValue offers necessary tracking services to assess the results of your campaigns. There are various tracking software that are available with us to provide you with comprehensive graphs and reports to help you understand how effective a campaign has been. With these results, you will also be able to understand the changes that you need to make in your email marketing strategies to ensure that your customers and potential customers have easy access to all the updates with respect to the products and services offered by you.

Email marketing is ideal for startup ventures who are unable to invest too much in advertising and marketing. It also helps boost a sluggish business or to always stay in the minds of your customers with latest inputs, deals and offers.

It is possible to create a database of existing customers and known sources in order to kick off your campaign. As the campaigns gain popularity, you will be able to increase and develop your database.

In order to ensure that your campaigns are received well, we at DataPlusValue offer you the best of services and also help you time your campaigns well. We understand that a business must never bombard the customers with emails to a level where they begin to direct them all to spam, making all efforts and strategies useless. Consult with us for the right email marketing advise and enjoy the boost it gives to your business.

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