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A web directory is a directory of the World Wide Web. This directory consists of a list of all the website links that are available. The web directory, also known as the link directory, specializes in categorizing links and linking them to other websites. Unlike a regular search engine, the web directory does not display a choice of links based on the keywords or search options provided by the user. It is merely a list of websites that are classified on the basis of categories and sub-categories. These web directories allow web masters to submit their websites to the list and have these submissions reviewed to understand the relevance and content available.

Importance of Web Directories

With the coming of search engines and establishing of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web directories are considered an effective way to ensure that a good amount of traffic is directed to your websites. There are many web directories that people still visit especially when there is a need to find out links belonging to specific categories.

Guidelines for Successful Web Directory Submissions

There are a few guidelines to write a web directory submission that will be successful in providing the number of hits and the visibility that you are looking for. This is a great method for new webmasters to increase the popularity of their website.

The first thing that you must make sure is that your website has not already been registered on a particular web directory. There are many individuals in web directories whose job is to discover websites in particular niches and enlist them in the directory based on certain categories.

Once you are sure that your website has not already been registered, make sure that you choose a suitable category to represent your website and product. This is an important process as most of the traffic generated to your website is dependent on the category that you provide in the directory.

Each web directory has its own set of rules with respect to the links and titles provided. For example, some web directories do not allow you to use special characters and adjectives with the title that you provide. You need to make sure that all the keywords that you provide in the title and the link text follows these rules and maintains a neutral tone throughout.

It is important to provide a short and crisp definition of your website. Make sure your description does not exceed 250. You must also ensure that the description that you have provided includes enough keywords to optimize you website. It is based on the information that you provide here that customers visit your website.

When you provide keywords in your title and description, it is necessary to ensure that all the keywords that are most relevant to your product and services are placed in the beginning while the less important ones are placed after. This will ensure that when an individual finds your website on a directory, he will be able to decide if your site is relevant for him or not.

When it comes to online marketing, it is important that you leave no stone unturned. Whether a method is popular and accepted or not, you must make sure that the presence of your brand is always felt.

  At DataPlusValue, we consider directory submissions and essential part of   effective SEO services and ensure our clients’ business receives maximum   exposure through this technique.
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