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Yahoo Store Product Entry Services


The e-commerce business has registered astounding growth rates in recent years. After being accepted and appreciated by the masses in the developed nations, online shopping is now becoming a rage in the developing countries as well. The consumer has kept aside all inhabitations and has embraced online shopping with open arms. This trend and global presence has made the e-commerce business a mouth watering opportunity even for small business entrepreneurs.

Jumping onto the online market space provides a business with a larger target market. The business however has its own intricacies which may not be easily dealt with by all companies independently. This is where experienced companies like us at DataPlusValue come into play. We allow small businesses and manufacturers to outsource their product entry jobs to us allowing us to focus on core and key activities of their own business.

Be it uploading the details of a small item say a brush or that of a massive motor part, the job of Yahoo store product entry services is done to perfection. Besides saving time for core business responsibilities, the advantages of outsourcing data entry work to companies like DataPlusValue include reduced costs, fast turnaround time and data security.

Moreover, starting from creating accounts to organizing and managing e-commerce business, we provide an array of end-to-end Yahoo store product entry services. In the ultimate analysis the business benefits by delivering true customer value.

Hiring a reliable and reputed company like ours at DataPlusValue for Yahoo store product entry services will ensure an enriching and user-friendly online shopping experience for your customers.

Here is a partial list of the features and services you can avail through us:
  • Create categories and sub-categories that are most apt for your product. Uploading products under the right category ensures a user-friendly and hassle free online shopping.

  • Manual uploading of product description in case of single product.

  • Use of approved software in case of bulk listings.

  • Ensuring that all product- uploads has the approved and allowed file extensions.

  • Use of relevant and most searchable keywords. This feature ensures a better search engine visibility for the product. As the product most likely appears on front pages of the relevant search results on Yahoo, it helps increase market presence and sales.

  • Upload hi-resolution images that best suit and describe the product. Apt images act as an important advertisement tool in the e-commerce business. We upload bright and catchy images that are formatted as per Yahoo store guidelines.

  • To ensure a user-friendly and enriching shopping experience to potential buyers, we customize product attributes like version, manufacturing details in addition to basic size and color.

  • Yahoo store product entry services also include uploading of accurate price and creation of special offers like promotional schemes and seasonal discounts.

  • Create and list payment options with several payment gateways.

  • Continuous management of Yahoo store account. Assists in adding, deleting and editing product list on Yahoo account.
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