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Data Mining Services


Many businesses, big and small outsource work to IT-Enabling Service companies in order to save on expenses. DataPlusValue is a leading IT-Service firm which provides various IT-Solutions including Data Mining at competitive prices and international quality in stipulated time-frames. Data Mining comprises a crucial action for complete degrees of businesses and administrations to amend their lower line. Data Mining could climb revenue, discover fraudulence, easy fundamental interaction with clients and amend danger management. It as well assists discovers relation between 2 sets of data.

At DataPlusValue, latest technology is used in Data Mining to assist clients in making accurate forecasts and predictions. Information is identified and assimilated into a format which can be used for a particular application within no time. Data Mining is used for various purposes like:

  • Preparing sales
  • Creating marketing or public relations campaigns
  • Assessing purchasing habits of customers

For financial, marketing, retail, communication and other customer-oriented businesses, experts determine relation between internal and external factors and customer demographics. These data are analyzed from different perspectives and summarized to generate useful information to predict impact on sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

While preparing to undertake Data Mining for a client, experts at DataPlusValue assesses data already held in hand which can include databases having customer information, current liabilities of customers, invoicing and payment records and internal usage of office supplies.

Experts follow certain steps for Data Mining irrespective of business complexity including:

  • Collecting data from websites manually or automatically
  • Running customized scripts for mining from websites having large volume of data to save costs and time
  • Populating output into various formats as desired like MS Excel, MS Access and so on
  • Creating mailing-lists with relevant information for advertisements and marketing campaigns
  • Gathering information about products from websites or catalogues and feeding into content management systems
  • Checking product updates for revising database especially for e-commerce websites

Data Mining is mainly applied nowadays from companies with a accented consumer center - retail, financial, communicating, and commercialising administrations. It enables these companies to ascertain relationships amongst "interior" elements specified as cost, merchandise placement, or faculty acquirements, and "outside" elements specified as economic indicants, challenger, and client demographics. And, it enables them to ascertain the affect upon gross sales, client satisfaction, and corporate revenues. At last, it enables them to "drill down" into compact data to see contingent transactional data.

DataPlusValue internet Services provides uncomparable of its form data mining services which set up into use combined task management approach path and center entirely upon the actions immediately. The deep technological know how about diverse realities of data mining statistical software system, as well additional statistics direction procedures makes us an apparent option for your business demands.

DataPlusValue as well offer internet explore services backed by knowledgeable staff. We hold an immense knowledge in the field of internet research specified as retrieving company contingents, e-mail research, web research and reportage. You'll be able to allot task of exploring associated to your business and our research worker will discover the necessary selective information.

DataPlusValue’s data mining answers and services have acted positively and efficaciously for its customers globally. Our knowledge of statistics, data mining statistical software system, and ground statistical software for data manipulation paired with our wide experience in numerous diligences earns us the finest option for your data mining demands.

About Data Mining

Data Mining is a computational process which unravels patterns in large sets of data. It discovers regularities and/or connections between data points. Information is extracted from datasets and transformed into comprehendible structures for future use.

Data Mining is also called, 'Knowledge Discovery in Database'. The algorithms which include techniques from machine learning, statistics and pattern recognition are used while searching large databases automatically.

This process involves elements of other processes like data management and database aspects, data processing, inference and model considerations, interestingness matrices, post-processing of discovered structures, complexity consideration, visualization and up-dating online.

Spam filtering is also a type of Data Mining in which relevant messages are filtered from a chaotic database. Data is passed through a single-entry node of ‘decision-trees’ wherein filters separate data into different streams based on their characteristics.

Data Mining uses regression technique to delete irrelevant patterns and leaves only useful information in the forefront. Inference techniques are also used to predict likelihood of occurrence of futuristic events by combining previous probabilities and probabilities based on certain conditional events.

Corporate sectors use Data Mining to examine direction of trends and predict its future. Decision support systems and models are built using this process to provide information for future use.

The most popular utility of Data Mining is in the battle against terrorism. This process was used to single-out leaders for 9/11 attacks.

Types of Data Mining Services

DataPlusValue offers a wide range of Data Mining Services for customers to choose from including:

  • Collecting data from websites and entering into excel spread-sheets
  • Arching web, generating lists of target sites and extracting information from them
  • Colleting information from websites
  • Generating lists of target websites
  • Mining different products, their prices, description and so on from websites
Why Choose DataPlusValue?

DataPlusValue translates information into real-time analysis to improve sales, promote a new product-line or phase-out a loss making product of a business. Data from different branches in a business, from production to management is processed to enable managers evolve strategies to promote their product and collate or compare figures among competitors.

DataPlusValue works in a confidential environment. Information mined for one business for generating forecasts and predictions for its product will not be used to service other similar businesses.

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Data Mining India
BPO services are amongst the several benefits that the DataPlusValue is offering to corporate business firm global. These services frequently ambit from mere text information entering to alphamerical entering needing calculations specified account processing and other services for customers. DataPlusValue is an India's best IT enabled services provide company. We are helping out clients to improve their business growth with different king of IT services e.g. Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Capture, Catalog Processing, Image Processing, OCR / Scanning, Accounting Services, Data Mining, Online data capturing / Extraction, Adobe PDF Conversion, Data Cleansing, Form Processing and Website Designing. Frequently firms discover it hard to supervise their immense data handling jobs and are required to outsource specified jobs. So to fulfill the deadlines in the Business Processing Outsourcing work (BPOs) DataPlusValue are providing their services in an quick, competing and effective mode. Quality in work tends big top precedency in BPOs and to assure these, DataPlusValue use the services of man power who all of the time countercheck the computerised data for mistakes. Nearly DataPlusValue firm function around the clock to assure that no process stays in unfinished state. The twenty-four hr functioning from this business firm too assure that the day by day demands in vital information processing such as insurance policy claim processing are finished in a apropos manner.
We are capable to focus on bettering their center services and require only concern lower around their day by day clerical functions.
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