24 SepOnline Data Processing

Data Plus Value’s aim is to offer a one stop solution to all your information processing needs. The company specializes in state-of-art systems and technology to provide a professional outsourcing services in data processing and information management. Data Plus Value is equipped with several work stations 24 hour power backup and high speed communication links to reach overseas customers. Data Plus Value also has software to handle high volume computer-scanned and paper-based data entry. We provide turnkey solutions that allow timely reporting, accountability, security and scheduling of projects.

What We Do:

Data Plus Value offers a full range of services:

Form Design

Document Preparation

Data Entry / Processing

Image Capture

Image Keying

Image Indexing

Image Edit

Document Retrieval

Document Warehouse

Document Management

Electronic Recognition : OCR & ICR Processing (Handwritten, Machine Print, Reader Response)

How We Differ:

* Results Oriented Approach

* Accurate Data Procession

* Detailed Results Interpretation

* Clear Data Presentation

And Heavy Discount for All Buyers!

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